Why the long face? Miserable goldfish in the running for RSPCA Young Photographer Award


Down in the mouth: This goldfish seems to be in troubles waters in Disappointment, by Ryan Iyapah

A gloomy goldfish, a mischievous Bengal kitten, and two cheeky whippets frolicking on a beach are just some eye-catching photos on the shortlist for a top photography award.
They are among 28 finalists in the running for the RSPCA's Young Photographer Award (YPA) after being whittled down from no less than 8,000 entries.
Open to anyone under 18, the aim of the competition is to encourage young people's interest in photography and show their appreciation and understanding of animals around them.

Youngsters are invited to enter under four different categories in four different age groups.
Eighteen-year-old Ryan Iyapah took the picture of the sad goldfish, which he titled 'Disappointment'.
Other photos feature sheep standing in a line in a snow covered field, a sheep sitting on a windy hill in Shetland, and Sam Rowley, 17, went out in Richmond Park, west London, on a foggy morning to take a silhouette of a deer.

Lining-up for the baa: Chris Pritchard captures order in nature with his picture Line of Sheep

Scarlett Martin, eight, is the youngest finalist. She took a stunning photo of birds soaring through the sky, while Amelia Robinson, 13, from Dorset, snapped her cheeky Bengal kitten Lilly.
She said in her application: 'She's just been caught doing something she shouldn't - climbing up the sofa - so she pulled her 'It wasn't me' face.'
Other entrants photographed ants crawling over a clothes peg and one caught lions snarling at each other on a savanna.

Stereo sprinters: Amy Wilton captured the joy of a nice day at the water's edge with Running Whippets

YPA was originally set up to celebrate the RSPCA’s 150th Royal anniversary and has been running for 20 years.
Winners will be announced in December 16 at the Tower of London.
The overall winner will be get a specialist three-day wildlife photography break with wildlife photographer Danny Green.

Indoors and outdoors: Lily, by Lela Penistone (left), and Conquering a Blustery Peak, by Emily Biggs (right)

After the stag's night: Sam Rowley perfectly captures the promise of morning with Deer at Dawn

Mr Green said: 'This is my third year being involved as a judge and as each year goes by the standard keeps getting higher.
'I was really impressed by the under 12 category, the quality was amazing for photographers so young.'
Gemma Padley from Amateur Photographer Magazine is also one of the judges.

Dream-like quality: Black Tailed Godwit In The Mist, by Sophie Bramall, looks more like a painting

Stunning backdrop: Conquering A Silhouettes, by Rachel Michael, uses simple lighting effects for her entry

She said: 'The standard is, as ever, fantastically high, which makes choosing a winning image in each category very difficult indeed.
'The Pets Personalities category had some real stand out images, and the Portfolio category is a really tough one to judge.
'The technical skill and creativity across the board is staggering, very well done to everyone who entered.'

Furry face: With Grubs Up, Georgia Harding shows that the beauty of the natural world is not always beautiful

Up, up and away: Scarlett Martin captures four birds on the wing in The Early Birds

source: dailymail