My mane ambition is to be a big cat! Moggy looks like a lion after owners shave her fur


Queen of the jungle: Daily the Persian has been turned into a little lion - and it has even affected her personality

Little Daisy the cat is proof that it is not about size but about the attitude as she prowls the kitchen floor thinking she is the king of the jungle.
The 18-month-old mini lion has taken on the personality of the much larger predator after her owners were forced to shave her.
The long-tail Persian has ended up with an impressive as a result of a grooming problem and the vet’s scissors.

According to her owners, since being shaved by the vet to rid her of her tangled hair, Daisy has even started to take on the personality of a young lion - by pouncing on human visitors as well as fellow cats.
Australian owner, Ben Torode, 36, lives in Tokyo, Japan with his wife Miki, 32.

On the prowl: After a trip to the vet, Daisy came home with a mane, a pom-pom tail and fluffy feet

Ben, who works as a translator, explained the story behind Daisy's transformation from a typical Persian cat to one that is more on the wild side.
‘Daisy really embraced her look after a few days,’ said Ben. ‘The lion cut has rekindled the popularity of her kitten days.'

Persian predator: Daisy ponders her next attack on her owner's feet

Lioness: Displaying fierce attitude, Daisy pounces on a piece of string

Personality change: Since her shave, Daisy has gone from timid house cat to feral beast - at least when it comes to toys and feet

Her favourite attack is to get low down and pounce at toys - and feet - from cover, after a wiggle of her tail to mentally prepare.
‘We think she's picked up a little lion DNA somewhere along the way.’
‘It's been a couple of months now and her hair is growing back steadily. Another few months and she'll be back to normal and ready for winter.’

Back in the day: In her kitten months, Daisy became an online celebrity thanks to her owner's videos

Walk on the wild side: Do not let Daisy's big eyes fool you - she really is a right little lion

Vet victim: Daisy's style change came after she tangled her fur to the point where her owner's had to shave it off

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Is that purse fur real? New Yorker's unusual doggy bag turns heads on the streets of Manhattan


What a carry-on: A Brussels Griffon was seen hanging from a harness in New York this week, the straps of the carrier slung messenger-style across his owner's bright red dress

It is not uncommon to see a small dog peeking from a handbag in pet-friendly New York City.
But one young woman turned heads on the streets of Manhattan this week when she stepped out with her Brussels Griffon hanging from a harness, the straps slung messenger-style across her body.
Her four-legged friend certainly didn't seem to mind his legs hanging free from the camo-print fabric, but it was certainly startling to see a living creature hanging from the end of her strap in lieu of a bag.

Content? The dog certainly didn't seem to mind his legs hanging free from the camo-print fabric

It didn't take long for fellow dog-owning Manhattanites to cast their verdict on the unusual pet carrier - and they weren't impressed.
'It doesn't look comfortable,' one told MailOnline. 'The poor thing's legs will probably fall asleep! I'd want to carry my dog in front of me so I could pet her, or see any discomfort.

Cruel? Fellow dog-owning Manhattanites were not impressed by the unusual pet carrier though

'It looks fashiony but I'd never use it,' she added.
'That's so cruel!' another remarked. 'Although mine does love it when I carry him around.'
One remarked that it could be uncomfortable for the owner too.

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Adorable panda cub Yuan Zai melts hearts at Taiwan zoo as she gets licked clean by her mother

Little Yuan Zai was the first Giant Panda to be born in Taiwan
Staff at Taipei Zoo are caring for her around the clock


Heart-melting: Little girl Yuan Zai is being cared for around the clock by staff at Taipei City Zoo, Taiwan

Adorable Yuan Zai - the first panda to be born in Taiwan - is starting to show her little personality as she grows stronger.
New pictures of the heart-melting Giant Panda cub, who was born last month, show the cute creature rolling around and showing an interest in others.
Little girl Yuan Zai was born at Taipei City Zoo, Taiwan, to Giant Pandas Yuan Yuan and Tuan Tuan.

Spreadeagled: Her little arms and legs outstretched, tiny Yuan Zai is growing stronger after being born to captive parents last month

A team of keepers have been working around the clock to take care of the cub, who was initially kept in an incubator.
But the public will have to wait three months to catch a glimpse of Taiwan's first newborn panda, officials said in July.
The little girl in the meantime is starting to gain some strength and show some interest in things around her.

The public will have to wait three months to catch a glimpse of Yuan Zai, the first panda born in Taiwan, officials said in July

When held up to her mother's cage, the cute cub reached out her tiny paws. The mother, transfixed by the tiny bear cub, licked her through the cage.
Staff at Taipei City Zoo have been caring for the miniature panda around the clock.
Their daily routine includes feeding the cub, taking her temperature after each meal, changing her bedding and keeping track of her weight, zoo official Chang Chi-hua said.
Yuan Yuan and her mate, Tuan Tuan, were gifted to Taiwan by China in late 2008 as a cross-Taiwan Strait gesture of goodwill and Yuan Zai is their first cub.
In the wild, female Giant Pandas usually give birth to a cub every two years, for about 15 years.

Bonding: When held up to her mother's cage, the cute cub reached out her tiny paws

The mother then licked the nose of her adorable little cub through the cage

During the mating season several male pandas usually compete for a female and the dominant male will go on to mate with the female several times.
However, breeding in captivity has proven to be difficult.
It appears that male pandas show little interest in females and seem not to know how to mate.
Many zoos pair one female panda with one male panda, and often the pair have struggled to produce offspring.

Transfixed: The mother of the newborn panda cub stays close be the little girl's side, watching her constantly through the cage

It has been suggested that without other male pandas, males do not compete for females.
Also, female pandas only have a small window each year in which to fall pregnant. Every spring, they are in heat for 12 to 25 days, but they are only fertile for 24 to 36 hours of this time.
In order to produce panda cubs, some zoos have used artificial insemination techniques.

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What do you get when you cross a lion with a tiger? A liger! And these cute cubs will grow into the biggest felines on the planet

Three rare liger cubs were born at Novosibirsk Zoo in southern Russia
The month old female cubs have a lion father and a tiger mother
The cubs will eventually grow to be the largest known feline species


Adorable: Three rare liger cubs took their first steps in the outside world after being born at a Russian zoo last month

With the facial features of a lioness but the stripes of a tiger, these adorable cubs are a rarity in the feline world.
The three little cubs may look cute now, but they will grow to be the largest known species of big cat in the world - the liger.
The three rare ligers cubs, which can grow up to 3.5 metres in length, have been keeping their liger mother Zita and lion father Sam on their toes at the Novosibirsk Zoo in southern Russia.

Loving: The liger's mother Zita is pictured lovingly grooming one of her cubs

Big cats: The cubs will grow up to be the largest known species of feline in the world

Playful: The liger cubs were pictured playing with their mother on their first foray into the great outdoors

The female cubs were all born a month ago but have just taken their first steps outside.
The tiny trio are all on a diet of their mother's milk at the moment but will tuck in to up to 100lb of meat in one sitting when they are fully grown.

Cosy: A month old liger cub snuggles up to its mother

A keeper at the zoo said: 'All three of the girls have completely different characters.
'One is always near their mother's side, one enjoys exploring and one is always misbehaving and play fighting.

Big eaters: The cubs are currently on a diet of their mother's milk but will eat up to 100lbs of meat in one sitting when they are older

'Visitors coming to the zoo have been desperate to get a glimpse of the newborns as they are so rare.
'People always comment on how it's hard to believe they grow to be so big as they are so cute and tiny at there moment.'
The animals have faint tiger stripes on a lionesque tawny background.
Male ligers can grow to up to 3.5 metres in length.
The first known liger dates back to 19th century India.

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Mystery over bizarre behaviour of baboons at Dutch zoo who have been turning their backs on visitors

Baboons at Emmen Dierenpark have behaved this way four times in 20 years
Animals have stopped eating and have been sitting frozen on the ground
Baffled zoologists have failed to find an explanation for bizarre behaviour


Mystery: Everything from an unseen predator to a natural disaster has been put forward as a possible explanation for the strange behaviour of the baboons

The bizarre behaviour of a troop of 'hysterical' baboons at a Dutch zoo has been blamed on everything from an earthquake to a UFO.
Ordinarily seen scampering around on their island at the Emmen Dierenpark in the northern Netherlands, the gang of 112 monkeys have been sitting frozen on the ground and turning their backs on visitors this week.
The baboons have even lost their appetites, say baffled zoologists at the park, who have heard various theories as to what may be behind the animals' strange behaviour.

'Hysterical': The baboons at the zoo in the Netherlands have been turning their backs to visitors this week

'They became panicked at the end of the day on Monday, they were hysterical, not jumping around but behaving strangely,' zoologist Wijbren Landman told AFP.
'On Tuesday and Wednesday they just sat in the trees or on the ground, hardly moving or eating.'
Mr Landman described various theories put forward to explain the bizarre scenes at the zoo, with some suggesting the baboons may have spotted a predator - either a real one or an image of one on a visitor's t-shirt - or felt the rumblings of an earthquake.

Baffled: Zoologists told Dutch news outlets they have failed to hit on an explanation for the animals' strange behaviour

The zoologist admitted he was yet to hear an explanation that 'holds water'.
'The craziest suggestion was that it was caused by a UFO,' Mr Landman said.
Baboons at the zoo, who were all born in captivity, have behaved this way four times in the past 20 years, the team at Emmen Dierenpark said.

Theories: The baboons at the zoo have been sitting motionless in trees or on the ground at the zoo

Traumatised: The team at the zoo consulted outside experts, but they have so far failed to shed any light on the mystery

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Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel sends crowd nuts

Talented rodent is towed around by a remote-controlled toy powerboat


Making a splash: Twiggy the squirrel shows off her skills at the Family Fun Zone in St. Joseph, Michigan

You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can certainly teach a squirrel how to water-ski, as these remarkable pictures show.
Twiggy the squirrel sent the crowd nuts at the Family Fun Zone in St. Joseph, Michigan yesterday az she displayed her amazing aquatic skills.
The talented rodent stands on a specially made skis holding a miniature cable as her owner tows her around the pool with a remote-controlled toy powerboat.

Off you go: Twiggy's owner Lou Ann Best, places the talented rodent on her specially made skis before towing her behind a remote controlled boat

Keen to promote a message of safety to the youngsters in the audience, Twiggy never ventures into the water without her custom-made miniature life vest.
There have in fact been four Twiggys over the years. The original was rescued as a baby by Chuck and Lou Best of Florida in 1978 after it was blown from its nest during a hurricane.
The idea to teach her to water ski began as a joke after Mr Best bought his daughter, Lalainia, a remote-control boat.

Keen to promote a message of safety Twiggy never ventures into the water without her custom-made miniature life vest

When his friends accused him of having bought it for himself he replied: 'I have to learn to drive the boat so I can teach my squirrel to water-ski.'
Twiggy has now achieved celebrity status and currently tours the U.S, drawing large crowds wherever she goes.
She has appeared in two films, 'Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story' and 'Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy.'

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