Who’s a hungry boy then? Flock of parrots waste no time finishing an unattended chocolate milkshake


Sweet treat: The company of parrots descended on a cafe table where a chocolate milkshake had been left unattended

Sharing was not part of the agenda for this colourful parrot as it claimed ownership of a tasty milkshake.
The lorikeet and its company descended on a café in Queensland, Australia where the chocolate drink had been left unattended for a few seconds too long.
Although the parrot tried its best to fight off fellow milkshake fans, it was forced to relent when a whole flock of birds joined in for a sip.

My milkshake! Only the bravest of parrots would dare come between this lorikeet and its drink as the colourful company fought over the chocolate treat

The shake thieves were caught in the act by British holidaymaker Keith Doxsey who had bought the drink for his nephew.
The colourful group of rainbow lorikeets seized the opportunity after the shake was left on its own for just a minute and a handful of parrots soon turned into a company of 30.

Sharing is caring: The lorikeets tuck in to the milkshake at a cafe in Queensland, Australia

Less than ten minutes later, the lorikeets had finished off the milkshake.
Keith Doxsey was visiting The Polish Cafe in Queensland, Australia with his wife Katrina when the parrots attacked his nephew's treat.
He said: ‘The birds just appeared out of nowhere not more than 60 seconds after my nephew had put the drink down.'

Chocolate shake shared: The parrots looking pleased after they have polished off the drink

source: dailymail