Does my head look big in this? Squirrel's hunt for peanuts in unusually shaped feeder


Big headed: The adorable little squirrel was too busy searching the inside of this feeder to notice anything else

Yes, your head does look big in that. Not that this squirrel minded a bit, he was busy chomping away at the peanuts and peanut butter stored inside this unusually shaped feeder.
John Horne, who runs a nature reserve in Southampton, installed the feeder for the resident squirrels, sat back, and waited for the laughs.
Sure enough, a curious squirrel soon braved the hollowed out vinyl head to find the feast inside, giving John and his wife Alison the giggles as they watched his antics.

Intrigued: The grey squirrel discovers the hidden gems inside the feeder shaped like a squirrel's head

When the squirrel stumbled across the novel feeder, it spent 15 minutes helping himself to the stash of treats inside it. Other animals, including a couple of robins, tried to access the snacks but were unsuccessful.
The hanging feeder was installed in the Secret Garden Nature Reserve in Southampton, run by John Horne, and his wife Alison, who set up the feeder and filled it with peanuts.
Before long the feeder had three regular visitors who were only too happy to accept the treats inside - while proving a source of amusement for John and Alison.

What are you looking at: Although the squirrel was pleased with his treasures inside the feeder the outside has a menacing grin

John, 67, from Southampton, said: "The squirrel was a bit wary of the feeder at first, but he soon realised there were peanuts inside and began poking his head in to get them.'
'It was really funny and looked very unusual to see a squirrel eating nuts from inside the huge head.
'This novel feeder seems to make it much easier for the squirrels to access the peanuts.
'A pair of robins had tried to get to the peanuts but they couldn't manage to.'
The Southampton-based nature reserve is of national importance as it is home to a very rare colony of lesser glow-worms.

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Is this the world's cutest kitten? Daisy becomes an internet sensation after heartwarming pictures are posted online


She may be small enough to hold in the palms of your hands, but what this adorable little kitten lacks in size, she makes up for in personality.
Daisy is fast becoming an internet sensation after these heart-warming photographs were posted online by Australian owner Ben Torode.
The 35-year-old translator began snapping the 11-month-old tabby last year in the house he shares with his wife, Miki, 32.
The pair, who live in Tokyo, have been stunned by the worldwide response.

Ball of fluff: Daisy has secured fans all over the world after these cute pictures were posted online

Sitting pretty: I've been warned not to spill kitty litter over their new carpet - it's a Persian, naturally

Feline frisky: I'm so tickled by this feathered fancy, I could play with it all day

Dish of the day: Hopefully they'll take the hint and open a tin of Whiskas

Narrow squeak: You can't be too careful when there's a mouse in the house

Fame? I'm lapping it up: But every superstar needs to unwind, so make mine a double cream

Cat in the hat: This beanie's a bit too big, but it's just right for peek-a-boo

Paper tiger: If people say I'm just an attention-seeker, it's a tissue of lies

Purrfection: I feel a song coming on - 'A-tisket, a-tasket, it's a cat in a basket'

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Don't worry, Valentine's Day is nearly over… but here's just one more set of the world's most adoring animals


This kitty probably won't be the only one wanting their partner to stay awake longer today

The annual day devoted to love - and last-minute panic buying - is nearly done.
But there's still plenty of time left for animal magnetism to work its magic, as these cute photographs show.
The pictures, uploaded by the Cutest Paw site, show animals getting close to the object of their affection. And there's not a wilting garage-bought rose in sight.

Unrequited love? A squirrel's advances catch a tabby cat off-guard

Bears take a romantic stroll and kittens curl up together in the sweet snaps - even though one cat looks unimpressed with its squirrel suitor.
It's not just humans feeling the love today. And if the day hasn't gone to plan, a bit of puppy love should warm your heart.

This duo got into the mood for love by baring their souls to each other

Pucker up: they may be pups but these two have already learned how to show affection

This kitty cuddle forms a calendar-appropriate heart shape to mark the occasion

They called it puppy love - with a side of a wet nose rub for good measure

Who needs a Valentine's card when you can have a cat nap for two?

This guinea pig and ginger cat are getting along just fine, despite the species barrier

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All odd cons: World's wackiest hotel where you can spend the night in a Trojan horse, a troll's lair or even sleep with a mermaid


Mythical: The 'Cheval de Troie' (Trojan Horse) suite at the magical La Balade Des Gnomes hotel in Belgium

A Belgium enthusiast has created one of the world's weirdest and most wonderful hotels where you can spend the night inside a Trojan horse or even sleep with a mermaid.
La Balade Des Gnomes, near the picturesque town of Durbuy, in Belgium, offers guests a unique experience where they can unwind in an imaginary world.
The fairytale resort is comprised of extraordinarily unique bedrooms from a spaceship in a lunar landscape to a troll's habitat complete with running stream and goldfish.

Accommodation: The interior of the Trojan Horse offers a unique mix of comfort and craziness

You can even share a room with a mermaid floating in a pool on a yacht.
The owner Dominique Noel took inspiration from the four corners of the world and created the innovative abode an unassuming farmhouse. Mr Noel, an architect, said: 'The hotel was created by people who have a strong interest in nature.
'It is built from completely natural materials and celebrates the simplicity of modern times.

Mod cons: It might be based on a Greek myth but you can still unwind in a wooden jacuzzi bath

The hotel's owner Dominique Noel says he took inspiration from the four corners of the world to create the magical resort

Cosy: Gnarled wood and rustic fittings create a magical experience

La Balade Des Gnomes, near the picturesque town of Durbuy, in Belgium, offers guests a unique experience where they can unwind in an imaginary world

'I wanted the hotel to be almost imaginary, with a youthful essence and work harmoniously with nature.'
La Balade Des Gnomes was built to compliment Mr Noel's restaurant, La Gargouille, which is conveniently placed next door.
Mr Noel charges between £50 - £125 a night for the rooms which he believes excite guests and offer them a unique staying experience.

Kipping on the moon: The 'Sur un quartier de Lune' suite offers guests the chance to sleep in outer space

Lap of luxury: The bedroom in the lunar suite

La Balade Des Gnomes was built to compliment the owner's restaurant, La Gargouille, which is conveniently situated directly next door

Fairytale: Another of the hotel's brilliant bathrooms

Charms: Mr Noel charges between £50 - £125 a night for the rooms which he believes excite his guests and offer them a unique experience

Inspiration: Architect and visionary hotelier Dominique Noel said he 'wanted the hotel to be almost imaginary, with a youthful essence and work harmoniously with nature'

An aerial view of one of the rooms at La Balade Des Gnomes

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A balanced diet: Collie dog can hold just about anything on its head… from a cake to a roast dinner!


Barking mad: Border Collie Zelda incredibly manages to balance a plate full of food on her head

This border collie could give a trapeze artist a run for their money after learning how to balance everything from a tennis ball to a plate loaded with a roast dinner on its head.
Owner Rebecca Johnson realised that her Border Collie Zelda had the unique ability to keep a tennis ball perfectly still on her nose.
From there she tried other objects, which kept getting bigger and bigger until Zelda could balance books, drinks and plates of food on her head.

One way to diet: Zelda demonstrates her self control as she foams at the mouth while balancing a cupcake on her head

Miss Johnson then posted the pictures of her dog's amazing fetes on the internet, which quickly went viral.
Among the images are pictures of Zelda balancing a plate with an entire meal on it.
In another snap, she stays perfectly still balancing a tube of Pringles on her head. Incredibly she can even manage not to move when a glass of water is placed on top.
Others show her with two oranges, an egg, and even a mixing bowl.
Miss Johnson, 18, from Pennsylvania, said: 'Her favorite thing to do is play fetch with a tennis ball - it's more like an addiction than a hobby for her.

Balancing act: Zelda licks her lips while balancing a cream cake - complete with a cherry on top - on her head

Reading up: Zelda manages to balance this book about Border Collies on her head despite not being able to see

'It's rare to see her without a tennis ball in her mouth or at her paws. I would put the tennis ball on her snout and try to balance it.
'I thought if she could balance a ball, why not other things, just for laughs.
'It became a running joke with my family and friends to see what was the most bizarre item she could balance.
'As you can imagine, Zelda seemed confused that I was putting various items from around my house on her head.'

A towering feat: Border Collie Zelda balances a tube of sour cream and chive Pringles on her nose

Time for a drink: Zelda offers her owner Rebecca Johnson a cool glass of water

Talented: Owner Rebecca Johnson, 18, from Pennsylvania, took this picture of Zelda balancing a washing up bowl on her head

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A penguin nursery, filmed for the first time after BBC cameramen used 50 fake birds to capture amazing Antarctic scenes


Spy in the huddle: Documentary film-makers disguised their cameras inside animatronic penguins to capture these incredible, intimate scenes of emperor penguins on the ice sheets of Antarctica

Spy cameras disguised as penguins were used to capture these incredible pictures of the flightless birds' private lives.
Documentary film-makers hid their cameras inside 50 animatronic replicas of the marine birds to get closer to them than has ever been possible before.
The were captured for a forthcoming documentary charting a year in the lives of three penguin communities, revealing the qualities that make them among nature's most devoted parents.

Chick's-eye view: The penguin-cams were able to lay their own camera-containing eggs to capture these incredible shots of infant penguins as their parents struggle to keep them alive in the frigid polar winter

Penguins - Spy In The Huddle follows emperor penguins in Antarctica, rockhopper penguins on the Falkland Islands and Humboldt penguins in the Atacama Desert of Peru as they bring up their young.
The team behind the documentary, due for broadcast on the BBC, cunningly hid their cameras inside life-size, robot replicas of each of the species they looked at.
Each was even able to lay its own 'egg-cam' to film the action from a chick's-eye view.

Nature's most devoted parents: Two emperors gaze down lovingly at their chick

'Key to the success of the spycam missions are the animatronic cameras cleverly disguised as lifesize penguins which can silently infiltrate the colonies to record the penguins’ often emotional, and sometimes amusing, behaviour,' the said documentary's makers in a statement.
'They’re on hand to chart the tough challenges these penguins face from the moment they emerge from the sea to raising their chicks and finally returning to the water.'

Little ones are growing up... The film-makers braved temperatures as low as -30C to chronicle the lives of emperor penguins over nearly a year on the Antarctic ice

Oh, isn't he cuite! Two emperor penguins peer at each other's youngsters - just like human parents

Happy Feet! This penguin chick strikes a pose reminiscent of the Hollywood CGI blockbuster

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Adventurous pet rabbit jumps in owner's satchel and smuggles itself into school for a day in the classroom


Hopping mad: Ceri Braithwaite had the shock of her life when she arrived at school to find her pet rabbit had hitched a ride in her schoolbag

Schoolgirl Ceri Braithwaite was stunned when she opened her satchel in class - and discovered that her pet rabbit had bunny-hopped inside for a nap.
The 11-year-old was rummaging inside her bag to find her pencil case when she spotted Nala, her Lionhead rabbit, snuggled up with her exercise books.
The furry fugitive caused panic as teachers and pupils rushed to take care of the floppy-eared stowaway which leapt across the classroom after Ceri discovered him.

Stowaway: Pet rabbit Nala had hopped into Ceri's bag as she fed her other pets before heading to school

In a tale similar to the nursery rhyme 'Mary had a Little Lamb', Nala had sneaked into Ceri's bag while she was feeding her three other rabbits at their home in Normanton-Le-Heath, Leicestershire, before she left for school.
Astonishingly, Ceri walked to the bus stop and then travelled three miles to Ibstock Community College, unaware that her cheeky pet had hitched a lift.

Surprise visitor: Ceri was rummaging in her bag to find her pencil case when she spotted Nala her Lionhead rabbit snuggled up with her exercise books

She said: 'I had put my bag down in the garden, where the rabbits were running freely about and Nala must have jumped in.
'I did think my bag was a bit heavy when I stood at the bus stop but I thought it must be because I had a project and some extra homework in there.

Star pupil: Ceri said that Nala was shaking a bit at first but soon calmed down, and her friends enjoyed petting the rabbit

'I couldn't believe it when I reached in for my pencil case and she jumped out. One girl screamed but most people just laughed - I was so embarrassed.
'Nala was shaking a bit at first but soon calmed down and I think she enjoyed everyone petting her.'
Ceri's shocked teacher then called the schoolgirl's mother, Janet Sladen, 49, who came to collect Nala from the school.

Pet project: Stuart Kay, vice-principal at Ibstock Community College described the school as 'so good that even pets want to come'

'Since she carries a lot of books to school Nala must have just crawled in there in the snug warm with them.
'I think it sent the whole school into hysterics.
'Initially they assumed it was deliberate but when they realised what had happened the whole school went to work to look after Nala.
'They took her to reception for the youngsters to see and grabbed some lettuce from the kitchen to feed her.

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