Adventurous pet rabbit jumps in owner's satchel and smuggles itself into school for a day in the classroom


Hopping mad: Ceri Braithwaite had the shock of her life when she arrived at school to find her pet rabbit had hitched a ride in her schoolbag

Schoolgirl Ceri Braithwaite was stunned when she opened her satchel in class - and discovered that her pet rabbit had bunny-hopped inside for a nap.
The 11-year-old was rummaging inside her bag to find her pencil case when she spotted Nala, her Lionhead rabbit, snuggled up with her exercise books.
The furry fugitive caused panic as teachers and pupils rushed to take care of the floppy-eared stowaway which leapt across the classroom after Ceri discovered him.

Stowaway: Pet rabbit Nala had hopped into Ceri's bag as she fed her other pets before heading to school

In a tale similar to the nursery rhyme 'Mary had a Little Lamb', Nala had sneaked into Ceri's bag while she was feeding her three other rabbits at their home in Normanton-Le-Heath, Leicestershire, before she left for school.
Astonishingly, Ceri walked to the bus stop and then travelled three miles to Ibstock Community College, unaware that her cheeky pet had hitched a lift.

Surprise visitor: Ceri was rummaging in her bag to find her pencil case when she spotted Nala her Lionhead rabbit snuggled up with her exercise books

She said: 'I had put my bag down in the garden, where the rabbits were running freely about and Nala must have jumped in.
'I did think my bag was a bit heavy when I stood at the bus stop but I thought it must be because I had a project and some extra homework in there.

Star pupil: Ceri said that Nala was shaking a bit at first but soon calmed down, and her friends enjoyed petting the rabbit

'I couldn't believe it when I reached in for my pencil case and she jumped out. One girl screamed but most people just laughed - I was so embarrassed.
'Nala was shaking a bit at first but soon calmed down and I think she enjoyed everyone petting her.'
Ceri's shocked teacher then called the schoolgirl's mother, Janet Sladen, 49, who came to collect Nala from the school.

Pet project: Stuart Kay, vice-principal at Ibstock Community College described the school as 'so good that even pets want to come'

'Since she carries a lot of books to school Nala must have just crawled in there in the snug warm with them.
'I think it sent the whole school into hysterics.
'Initially they assumed it was deliberate but when they realised what had happened the whole school went to work to look after Nala.
'They took her to reception for the youngsters to see and grabbed some lettuce from the kitchen to feed her.

source: dailymail