Face it, I'm in charge: Angry lioness attacks lion after he takes a swipe at her cubs


Hell hath no fury: The moment the lion luanched herself at the male to protect her cubs

This is the hilarious moment an angry lioness launched herself at a huge lion - but ended up sitting on his head.
This grumpy mum wasn't best pleased when the lion tried to try to tame her cubs - and pounced straight at the enormous beast.
But she obviously misjudged her distance - as she ended up sitting on top of the lion's mane like a hat - before falling to the ground below.

The lioness sprang from nowhere the minute she felt her cubs were under threat

The outraged mother comically misjudged her distance and ended up on the lions head

Wildlife park ranger Jacques Matthysen captured the comic moment on camera, as he patrolled the South African plains.
Jacques said: 'We had gone out to try and photograph some lions, and were met by a very playful pride of seven Lions.

The lioness lost her grip eventually slipping from the head of the male

'The four year old male Lion was playing with three young cubs - or rather, they were tormenting him, since all he wanted to do was have a rest.
'The older male and a female were walking 20 metres from us, rubbing their heads every couple of seconds showing affection.
'While watching them the other female appeared from the thicket. As soon as the 4 year old male saw the female, which is the mother of the cubs he was knocking over every now and again, he jumped up and jogged towards her.
'It looked like she was just waiting for the right moment. She stood still until the last second.

The male lion paid little attention to the incident and strolled on after the mother fell to the ground

'As he was half a meter away, she pounced on him. She did loose her grip though and quickly fell to the other side of him.
'With the female at his paws on the ground he just glanced down, as though to say: 'Was that it?'.
'He just kept on walking past her and us sitting in the Cruiser, and lay down to rest close to a thicket behind us.
'The cubs quickly saw the opportunity of mum laying on her side, ran towards her and started suckling.'

source: dailymail