My mane ambition is to be a big cat! Moggy looks like a lion after owners shave her fur


Queen of the jungle: Daily the Persian has been turned into a little lion - and it has even affected her personality

Little Daisy the cat is proof that it is not about size but about the attitude as she prowls the kitchen floor thinking she is the king of the jungle.
The 18-month-old mini lion has taken on the personality of the much larger predator after her owners were forced to shave her.
The long-tail Persian has ended up with an impressive as a result of a grooming problem and the vet’s scissors.

According to her owners, since being shaved by the vet to rid her of her tangled hair, Daisy has even started to take on the personality of a young lion - by pouncing on human visitors as well as fellow cats.
Australian owner, Ben Torode, 36, lives in Tokyo, Japan with his wife Miki, 32.

On the prowl: After a trip to the vet, Daisy came home with a mane, a pom-pom tail and fluffy feet

Ben, who works as a translator, explained the story behind Daisy's transformation from a typical Persian cat to one that is more on the wild side.
‘Daisy really embraced her look after a few days,’ said Ben. ‘The lion cut has rekindled the popularity of her kitten days.'

Persian predator: Daisy ponders her next attack on her owner's feet

Lioness: Displaying fierce attitude, Daisy pounces on a piece of string

Personality change: Since her shave, Daisy has gone from timid house cat to feral beast - at least when it comes to toys and feet

Her favourite attack is to get low down and pounce at toys - and feet - from cover, after a wiggle of her tail to mentally prepare.
‘We think she's picked up a little lion DNA somewhere along the way.’
‘It's been a couple of months now and her hair is growing back steadily. Another few months and she'll be back to normal and ready for winter.’

Back in the day: In her kitten months, Daisy became an online celebrity thanks to her owner's videos

Walk on the wild side: Do not let Daisy's big eyes fool you - she really is a right little lion

Vet victim: Daisy's style change came after she tangled her fur to the point where her owner's had to shave it off

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