What a T’wit T’doo for wayward two: Cute baby owls lucky to be alive after TWICE falling out of their nest


Terrible twosome: Little tawny owls Cheddar and Cheese were found at the base of a tree by a woman enjoying a walk in the spring sunshine with her two daughters

Some folk just can't wait to fly the nest but feathery freedom came a bit early for these beautiful birds as they had not one but two terrifying tumbles from their treetop home. The tiny tawny owls were found at the base of a tree by Tara Bishop and her two daughters Charlotte, 14, and Hannah, 10, who were taking a walk in Pensford, Somerset. Mrs Bishop called the Secret World Wildlife Rescue which sent a specialist to climb the tree and pop the wayward chicks back into the nest.
But two days later husband Andrew found the birds, who have been nicknamed Cheddar and Cheese, abandoned in the nest again.

Cute couple: These wayward baby owlets Cheddar (left) and Cheese are happy to be alive today after falling out of their nest, twice

Now the pair are recuperating at the rescue centre in East Huntspill, Somerset.
Charity founder Pauline Kidner said: 'The owlets are aged around two weeks old. They are the first we have seen this year.
'We hope to build up their strength and the pair are being fed using tweezers every four hours during the day. Once fledged, we will release them at a suitable site.'

Feathery friends: The pair are recuperating at Secret World rescue centre in East Huntspill, Somerset

Feeling beaky: When they fell the first time the chicks were put back in the tree by a wildlife expert, but then they fell a second time

Hundreds of orphaned baby birds and wild animals from all over the West Country are expected to be received at the sanctuary during the current breeding season.
It costs £135 to rescue an animal or bird and all funds raised go towards helping to boost the charity and its Wildlife Hospital and Education Centre project appeal.

source: dailymail