Lewis Hammy and Jenson Button Nose battle it out in Hamster Grand Prix

By Daily Mail Reporter

Ready, steady go! Jenson Buttonnose, Rodent Barrichello and Lewis Hammy battle it out on the race track

An adventure park for children has begun staging the unusual sport of hamster racing.

Adventure Valley in Brasside, near Durham, is home to 'drivers' Lewis Hammy, Michael Chewmacher, Rodent Barrichello and Jenson Button Nose.

The animals each have their own wheel, which slots into a racing car, and races along a five meter track.

The races, which feature live commentary, end when one car crosses the chequered line first.

Owner Marco Calzini said: 'Our hamsters love to race and have been doing practice circuits.

'Competition is fierce and the hamsters have been pulling out all the stops to ensure they win.

Fierce competition: Hamster races at Adventure Valley in Brasside, near Durham, feature live commentary

'Extremely funny and very entertaining, we know our visitors will love this as much as our hamsters do.'

Visitors are encouraged to take up a free bet on the pet-powered cars in a grand prix style event. Whoever guesses right gets a treat.

Mr Calzini said: 'We wanted to introduce something a bit different and something new and exciting. It is something I don't think most people will have seen before - it's pretty unusual.

'But it has gone really well and people seemed to have enjoyed it.'

Furry fun: Visitors are encouraged to take up a free bet on their furry friends. The hamster 'drivers' have to complete a grueling five metre course

Mr Calzini's six-year-old daughter, Alessia, who attends Saint Godric's Primary School, in Durham, got the first race underway.

She said: 'It is really good fun when the hamsters are racing each other. People are cheering the one whose name they have picked.

'Sometimes they go backwards and sometimes they go forwards - it's really funny.'

source: dailymail