Busy day for a monkey who saves her cub from being hit by a moped...and then again from becoming a dog's dinner

By Paul Thompson

Dedicated mother: Monkey cub was first run over by a moped before being attacked by a dog

Even on the dusty and dangerous streets of New Delhi, the bond between a mother monkey and her young is almost unbreakable.

This tiny youngster was struck by a moped while scampering across the road in India's capital, where the animals are a common sight scavenging for food.

Lurking nearby was a wild dog who sensed an easy kill. But just when the baby's fate seem sealed, its mother leapt to the rescue.

The mother stepped in to attack the moped driver before gunning for the hungry dog too

In an act of ferocious devotion she grappled with the dog, biting it on its back to drive it away before picking up her little one.

In the animal kingdom the bond between a mother and her young is unbreakable.

d as this young Indian monkey discovered that natural instinct is always evident, even away from their natural surroundings.

The small golden haired monkey was left momentarily dazed after being struck by a moped rider while scampering across the road.

Monkey see monkey do: The mother attacking the dog after it has started on her cub

Lurking nearby was a wild dog who, sensing an easy kill, moved in to try and snatch his prey as he lay stunned on the ground.

But just when the young monkey’s fate seem sealed its mother leapt to the rescue.

Using her powerful arms she jumped on to the back of the street predator in a desperate act of protection.

Amazed onlookers in the streets of New Delhi,India, watched as the monkey and the dog tussled together.

Mother scares the dog off and tends to her cub who cowers beneath her in fear after the ordeal

Eventually the dog realised he was not going to win and wandered away leaving the injured baby monkey to cling to its mother.

The scenes were captured by a photographer who happened to be passing at the time of the incident and posted the pictures to an internet photo site.

The species of primate, known as the Common Indian monkey, are a common sight in the streets of New Delhi where they scavenge for food.

Like other animals forced into an urban environment they run the risk of being hit in the traffic choked streets.

source :dailymail