Auditioning for panto? No, they're sporting the very latest in equine fashion: Customers are chomping at the bit for horse onesies


Runaway success: The must have for your horse, a onesie from Shwmae Products as modelled by Bee

It is the bizarre fashion trend championed by everyone from Cheryl Cole to Nick Clegg. Now it seems the onesie has become a must-have item in the equine world as well.
Customers in Britain and abroad have been chomping at the bit to buy the garments – which come in a range of colours and designs – since they went on sale just three weeks ago.
Although the equine onesies were originally created to prevent horses suffering fly irritations, allergies, and other forms of skin conditions, they are also being snapped up by owners eager to keep their animals’ coats clean before a show.

Designers: Jessica Clarke, right, and Annie Brown who make the onesies in their workshop

Jessica Clarke, 20, who created the designs with Annie Brown, 18, said: ‘We started off making hoods and rugs for my grandfather’s horses and from there we built up a business.
‘All the designs led up to making the onesie, and as far as we know, we’re the only ones in the world making these products. They have been selling all over the place and have made our little company, Shwmae Products, international in just a matter of weeks.

Snapped up: The onesies were originally created to prevent horses suffering fly irritations and allergies

‘They’re particularly popular in Australia and America. We used to do the odd shipment abroad, but now it’s every day. We have three horses of our own which we use to model them.’
Each onesie costs £169.99 and is custom-made by the pair, from Pontypool, South Wales, in their Hereford workshop.
Since it emerged in 2009, the human onesie has been eagerly adopted by celebrities including One Direction, TV presenters Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden, and even film star Brad Pitt.
In January, Nick Clegg admitted he had been given ‘a big green onesie’ as a present – although the Deputy Prime Minister later insisted he has never worn it.

Equine chic: Rodo sporting a leopard print number in his stable

source: dailymail