When fishing with GRENADES goes terribly, terribly wrong (where else, but in Russia, of course)


Bombs away: With his friend's signal, the fishermen holding the grenade drops it into the water hoping to catch some fish. He looks away in anticipation for the blast which is meant to happen underwater

‘Gone fishing’ is a phrase usually associated with a quiet afternoon out on the water, fishing rod in hand, pondering the world.
But these fishermen decided to forget rod and reel, opting for much more heavy-duty bait, a hand grenade.
The stupid men are lucky to be alive after their attempt at catching fish in Russia.

Detonates too early: Just a moment later the grenade explodes as it hits the water

Impact: The explosion knocks the men over and sends equipment and barrels flying into the water

The hand grenade, which one of them dropped from their inflatable boat, exploded early just as it hit the water knocking the men over and equipment flying into the water.
The explosion did not destroy the boat but the men remain still, stunned by the premature blast but seemed able to get up a few moments afterward.
The video, filmed presumably from a nearby boat, captured the moments as their hand grenade fishing went horribly wrong.
Website LiveLeak.com posted the video online on Monday and it has already been watched more than 100,000 times and another 10,000 on YouTube.

Stunned: The fisherman who dropped the grenade gets up slowly after being thrown across the boat

As the smoke clears: The fisherman goes to the aid of his friend, still dazed by the blast

A LiveLeak staffer said: 'It seems like a shot from a movie went horribly wrong.'
Someone commented: 'Hillbilly handfishin' russian style!'
Another said: 'I can see safety is of no concern.'
A YouTube user said: 'Guess for dinner they're having salmon... Smoked.'
Hand grenades are a common, but environmentally catastrophic, way of catching fish in some parts of the world.
The explosives are usually detonated underwater allowing the fisherman to collect the dead fish as they float to the surface.

source: dailymail