Bunny boiled: Family's horror as sick thugs BURN off their pet rabbit's ears

By Daily Mail Reporter

Upset: PJ Alexander, four, comforts Colin, who fortunately did not suffer any damage to his hearing

These shocking pictures show how heartless yobs burnt off a defenceless pet rabbit's ears in a sickening attack of pointless cruelty.

RSPCA inspectors have launched an investigation to catch the thug and any possible accomplice after the beloved pet's distraught owners returned from a wedding to make the gruesome discovery.

Pregnant mother-of-three Natalie Hall and her family had journeyed home from Scotland to find frightened one-year-old Colin in his hutch with his ears missing

He was the complete opposite of the fun-loving animal they had known with his wonderful 4in-long ears now just stumps.

Although 25-year-old Natalie initially thought Colin's ears were cut off she now believes they may have been burned off in the thoughtless attack.

She said: 'I was absolutely devastated when I saw him, I burst into tears. I didn't know how to tell my children.

'My daughter got half way down the garden and ran away crying her eyes out.

'He must have been in tremendous pain, he didn't show it and he's been really brave but it's an absolutely terrible example of cruelty.'

The full-time housewife and her partner Daniel Midgley, 23, are now caring for recovering Colin at their home in Scawthorpe, South Yorkshire.

Senseless attack: RSPCA are hunting for those responsible for the attack on Colin the rabbit, whose ears appear to have been burnt off

Cute: Colin before his ears were burned off in the sickening attack

The couple are also comforting children Ella-Mae, eight, PJ Alexander, four, and 18-month-old Kian.

A friend saw Colin's injuries when she popped around to check on him before the family returned.

'The vet said they cannot be certain what happened but they may have been burnt off. I cannot understand why someone would want to do this. The vet said he was shocked he was alive,' said Natalie.

She said: 'Colin is kept in a hutch in our back garden which is surrounded by an 8ft fence. The idea that someone would get in had never even entered our heads before.

'It's devastated the whole family. I'm even more emotional because I am pregnant, but it's hard to look at him without bursting into tears and the kids are appalled.
'For a whole week after it happened, when you picked him up he trembled because he was still in shock.

'Why do this to a poor little rabbit? It's frustrating because the police say as we don't have any concrete evidence it was a human attack, they can't do anything. But the vet has said this is definitely a deliberate human act rather than an attack from another animal.'

Colin is expected to make full recovery from shock and his hearing is not expected to be affected.

An RSPCA spokesman said: 'The matter has been passed to an RSPCA inspector who will investigate the matter further.'

Police confirmed officers were aware of the incident.

source: dailymail