Wood you believe it - it's a tree-mu! Motorist spots mysterious emu-like creature peering over a hedge (but turns out it's a piece of old elm)


Weird: The bizarre looking hedge creature shaped like an emu peers over the foliage at drivers on a road at the village of Staple Fitzpaine near Taunton, Somerset

A motorist did a double-take when he spotted an emu-like creative peering over a hedge in a country road.
Retired plasterer Tony Govier blinked in astonishment, braked and reversed back up the road for a second look - only to discover the odd sighting was, in fact, a gnarled and twisted remnant of an old elm tree.
The tree-mu appears to be keeping an eye on passing motorists as it leans over the hedge with its long neck extended.

Nosy: The tree-mu now appears to be leaning over the hedge keeping an eye on the traffic and seems to have its long neck extended

Mr Govier, 70, of Chard, Somerset, said: ‘As I drove past it seemed as if something was looking over the hedge at me. I reversed back and couldn’t believe what I saw.
‘It was like something out of a prehistoric age and I just thought ‘What the hell is that?’
The tree-mu is on a country road at the village of Staple Fitzpaine, near Taunton, Somerset.

Tony Govier was shocked when he spotted the weird shaped wood and said it looked like something out of a prehistoric age

source: dailymail