Oi, ewe, get off my bus: Mystery man is thrown off public transport in London after trying to get on with his PET SHEEP


The man, dressed in a purple jacket, and his pet sheep, attract attention from passers-by as they wait for a bus in New Malden

A man out walking his pet sheep was booted off a train and a bus before being forced to walk more than six miles home with his woolly pet in tow.
Passers-by watched dumbfounded on Monday as the pensioner tried and failed to take the animal on the capital's public transport network.
The mystery man was turned away each time because of rules banning the carriage of livestock - forcing him and his farmyard companion to make their long journey home on six legs. The man was first spotted trying to lead the sheep - wearing a black coat to keep it dry - onto a train at Wimbledon station.

The 'urban' sheep was dressed in a patterned black coat, to protect its wool from the rain

Passenger Ollie Millroy watched as staff stepped in and turned the pair away.
Mr Millroy said: 'They wouldn’t let them on the train at Wimbledon.'
The man then led his sheep on a four mile walk to neighbouring New Malden, where he waited patiently for a number 131 bus to Kingston-upon-Thames.
When the bus arrived, the driver refused to let the animal onboard - forcing the frustrated pensioner to contemplate a long walk home.
Local Adrian Harris, confronted the man after he was banned from taking his sheep on the bus in New Malden.

Baaa-bican, or Wool-wich?: Rejected, the pair begin the long walk home on foot

Mr Harris said: 'He said he had been kicked off a train at Wimbledon and wasn’t allowed on the bus in New Malden.
'I think he was trying to get home to Kingston-upon-Thames, so he ended up walking six miles odd with his sheep to get home.”
He added: 'He didn’t seem to think it was odd having a sheep with him and was quite annoyed he couldn’t get on public transport.'
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source: dailymail