Like a mantis needs a bicycle? Incredible close up shot of a praying mantis in Borneo makes viewers double take


Getting tyred?: The praying mantis balances on the curled-up fern, giving the impression he is hunched over the handlebars of a rather splendid, or should we say spoketacular, green bicycle

This is the incredible snapshot that appears to show an insect riding off into the sunset on a bicycle.
Amateur macro photographer Eco Suparman, 23, was amazed when the praying mantis he was photographing in Indonesia jumped up onto a curled plant - and looked just like he was pedalling away into the sunset.
Eco, from Borneo, Indonesia, had already noticed the plant, but was more interested in photographing the bug nearby up-close, when by an incredible stroke of luck, the insect decided to 'go for a ride'.
Mantises have two grasping, spiked forelegs ('raptorial legs') in which prey items are caught and held securely. In the picture the mantis appears to be using them to steer the bicycle.
The 23-year-old student said he instantly reached for his camera when he saw the creature, knowing it would make an interesting picture but he couldn't believe his luck when it appeared to pose for him.

'I took this photo on a Muslim cemetery in the Ambawang River village, Borneo Island, Indonesia,' said Suparman. 'I was practising my macro photography, and there are a lot of small insects there, so it's one of my favourite places to go and get some good shots.
'I was focusing on taking pictures of the mantis when I noticed the curled plants nearby. Straightaway I thought it looked like a bike - but I couldn't believe my luck when the mantis walked over and climbed onto the plant.
'I was so excited about taking the shot, but I was worried the mantis would walk away, or that the leaves would move. As soon as I got home, I showed the image to the family and friends and they were all shocked at how much the picture looks like the insect is riding a bike. I'm really glad I was able to photograph such an amazing piece of nature's art.'

source: dailymail