Boo is alive! World's cutest dog is NOT dead after Twitter hoax (he was just taking a nap)


Internet sensation: Boo, a six-year old Pomeranian, has amassed 4m likes on Facebook but his shocked fans were told he was dead in a Twitter hoax. So the dog sent a message to his cyber-friends, below

His millions of fans had collectively held their breath but it has been revealed that Boo the world's cutest dog is alive and well.
Rumours were spread on Twitter late yesterday claiming he had died in his sleep or drowned in a duck pond.
But the Pomeranian, who has four million fans on Facebook and a lucrative book deal, 'was just taking a nap'. A new picture of the sweet pooch in rude health was also put on his fan site along with a message from Boo himself.
The six-year-old has the fame most celebrities dream of and has attracted the attention of Hollywood stars including Khloe Kardashian, who posted a picture of the dog on her blog and singer Ke$ha, who Tweeted that Boo was 'her new boyfriend.'

But egged on by bloggers and entertainment websites yesterday, Twitter was awash with stories and even faked pictures of his death under the hashtag #RIPboo.

Tweets included: 'Boo The Dog Has Died,' another said: 'OK, so I just saw the photo of Boo dead in the duck pond. It's horrible. Poor little thing. I'm tearing up.'
A bogus New York Times Obituary was also put online under the title 'Boo, Beloved Internet Icon, Finds Early Death in Pond'.

Back from the dead: A new picture of Boo was put online to prove he had not drowned

Canine cutie: Boo enjoys being photographed in a variety of different outfits and accessories, a move that won him a book deal

Upset fans left their tributes online saying: 'I don't know that I believe it... Boo is dead? This is traumatizing,' and 'I'm also very sad to hear of the passing of the internet's most adorable dog, Boo. You will live forever on the Internet.'
So Boo's owner was forced to take to his Facebook page and send a message from Boo himself.
'Hi friends! I heard the rumours, and I would like all my friends to know that I am happy and kickin! I asked a human if I could do a press conference to reassure everyone on camera, but she reminded me that I can't talk,' the cute dog said.

Behind bars: But nothing can hold back Boo's cuteness

Fanous: Boo's unique look was a happy accident - his long hair was so tangled, the groomers had to shave it all off

The publisher of Boo's book: 'Boo: The life of the world's cutest dog,' also confirmed it was a lie and book magazine Scoot added: 'The reports of Boo's death were greatly exaggerated. We got the 411 from his owner. He was just taking a nap'.
Boo shot to fame when he realised the key to looking so good in photographs is a great haircut.
The canine's unique look is down to an happy accident - his long hair was so knotted, it had to be shaved off.

Cover Star: The Pomeranian has been busy promoting his new book, 'the life of the cutest dog in the world'

source: dailymail