Finding Tree-mo: Garden centre workers find twisting trunk that looks like a fish


Finding Tree-mo.....Shoppers are flocking to the InEx Garden Centre in Goffs Oak to see this fishy tree

Shoppers at a garden centre in Hertfordshire are flocking to a tree that looks just like a fish.
The oak has been nicknamed Tree-mo by staff at the InEx Garden Centre in Goffs Oak because it's a dead ringer for the clownfish star of Disney's Finding Nemo.
A fish-like face protrudes from the side of the plant’s twisting trunk; with a gaping nook creating the fish’s mouth while a knot on the branch forms the creature’s eye.
Since it was first spotted, Tree-mo has become a popular local tourist attraction.
Tanya Kayim, 20, who works at the garden centre, said: 'The tree is amazing.
'It has been nicknamed Tree-mo but unlike Nemo we don’t have any trouble finding it - how can you miss at tree that looks like a fish?
'Its a bit of a local landmark. I am going to try and get our aquarium to use it as a marketing tool.

Is it a tree, or is it a fish? The oak in Hertfordshire is a dead ringer for the Disney clownfish

Garden centre worker Tanya Kayim, 20, admires the aquatic oak

'I tell everyone about it, I love Tree-mo. He helps brighten up my day.'
A shocked shopper named Marjorie Scott-Goddard added: “I was out walking with a group and we had lunch at the garden centre.
'When we were outside we looked up and there it was. 'It is amazing what nature will do - you wouldn’t imagine seeing a thing like

source: dailymail