Meet Britain's first wild-born beaver in 400 years: But at only eight weeks old, will it be brave enough to go for a swim?

By Julie Anne Barnes

Back: This image of an eight-week-old beaver paddling its feet in the water, shows that the species is making a return after a £2million project to reintroduce beaver's to Scotland

It's been a gnawfully long wait.

But the newborn beaver gently nudging its mother is the result of a £2million project to reintroduce the species to Scotland, more than 400 years after it was hunted to extinction in Britain.

The picture of the eight-week-old baby beaver, or kit, was captured by wildlife photographer Steve Gardner, who said: ‘I suddenly saw this little thing shooting about in the water. It looked like a small teddy bear. They are certainly images I will treasure.’

The kits weigh just one pound when they are born and have a full coat of fur. At least two newborns have been spotted in recent weeks foraging for food and calling out to their family for reassurance.

They are the first offspring of a colony of imported Norwegian beavers that were released into the wild as part of the five-year Scottish Beaver Trial focused on the Knapdale Forest, mid-Argyll.

Attention: The baby beaver cuddles upto its mother at the water's edge

Going for a dip? The baby beaver, which would have been born with a full coat of hair, decides whether to go for a swim

Success: He finally takes the plunge

source: dailymail