'The insect imposters': Dancing 'caterpillars' are fly larvae trying to avoid being eaten

By Daily Mail Reporter

The yellow and black creatures look like caterpillars but are actually the larvae of the sawfly trying to look menacing to ward off predators

These curious critters look like they are having a party dancing on the end of a leaf.

The yellow and black creatures look like caterpillars but in fact they are the larvae of the Sawfly.

Although they may appear to be dancing, they are in fact in full defensive mode and trying to look menacing to ward off potential predators.

The creatures feast on trees, plants and vegetables; they are often hated by gardeners because the larvae will infest gardens and eat their crops at this time of year.

Most species of adult Sawfly eat insects and the nectar of plants.

This picture was taken by Derek Hill, of South Harting, near Petersfield, Hants, while he was at work.

The larvae were happily eating their way through a leaf when Derek disturbed them and they jumped to attention and started swaying.

Derek, 45, who works as forklift driver in Nyewood, near Petersfield, said: 'I was putting some stuff away into the shed at work when I brushed past the bush and noticed the branch.

'They looked like they were in the process of eating the leaf until I disturbed them.
'They just shot straight up and began swaying and made a star pattern.

'It was quite surprising; I had never seen anything like it.

'They had half their bodies attached to the branch and the other half in the air flapping around.'

source: dailymail