Saturday nut fever: The red squirrels who can't resist showing off their dance moves

By Daily Mail Reporter

Boogie Nights: The red squirrel brushing up on his dance moves. But was he inspired by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever?

It's Saturday NUTS fever . . . the red squirrels who have been caught on camera showing off their far from wooden dance moves.

These bushy-tailed Travoltas were snapped strutting their stuff on the branches of trees deep in the ancient forests of Poland.

In this series of hilarious pictures photographer Marek Paluch followed the frisky forest creatures' fast and furious furry feet over several weeks.

In his images he captures the fleeting moment when one particular mover appears to be imitating the classic dance move immortalised by John Travolta in a well-remembered 1977 disco film.

Marek, 40, loves nothing better than hitting his favourite squirrel party spots near his village of Opole, Poland.

He said: 'For me they look just like they are dancing in a disco, I am always very happy when I see them out in the woods.'

You should be dancing: Woodland creatures put on their Boogie Shoes ready for a Night On Disco Mountain

'They seem to move so easily through the trees and they are very expressive animals, making me laugh often with their acrobatics'

'In one of my pictures the squirrel looks almost like John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever, except this is Saturday 'Nuts' Fever.'

'I love animals and nature but I have to admit I'm not much of a dancer myself.'
'Squirrels are fun to photograph but I am also very passionate about birds.'

Icon: John Travolta, seen here with co-star Karen Lynn Gorney, in the pose that launched a thousand disco moves

Marek has been taking wildlife pictures for over 15 years, both in his native Poland and elsewhere.

He said: 'I am always amazed by new things I see out in the forest and that is why I go out there because there is always a new surprise.'

Saturday Night Fever, released in 1977, was a worldwide smash. In a year now mostly remembered as the beginning of the Punk Rock craze, disco was king.

The film catapulted the young John Travolta to world-wide fame as he played the hardware store sales assistant, and aspiring disco champion,Tony Manero.

The combination of Tony's flamboyant white suit and that iconic pose is still used today as the the international shorthand for disco.

source :dailymail