Watch the enchanting gorillas who were VERY curious about a caterpillar


Totally bananas: A gorilla stares in amazement at the caterpillar as it scuttles along the metal bars of the zoo enclosure

This surprising video shows that gorillas are just as amazed as us at the wonders of nature.
The unusual footage suggests this group of primates from Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada, would be just as delighted as us to sit down and watch one of David Attenborough's shows.
At first, it looks as though the hulking gorillas, who are around 100,000 times heavier than the caterpillar they are ogling, may be about to eat it.

Mutual suspicion: Another primate looks as if it does not trust the strange insect, despite its small size

Indeed, one even licks his lips as he stares at the miniature creatures.
But in fact, the gorillas seem to be simply intently watching the movements of the furry little thing - following their progress with their huge black eyes just inches from the insect.
The anthropomorphic primates seem to communicate as they huddle around the caterpillar to take a look.
One gorilla even bats his companion's head away from the animal - whether to get a better look or fend off greedy advances, it is not clear.

New pet: The two Calgary Zoo residents look like inquisitive humans as they follow the movements of the caterpillar

The little creature does not seem particularly intimidated as it scurries busily along the metal wires of the gorilla enclosure.
The YouTube video has had more than 25,000 views, with many describing the clip released by the zoo as 'funny' and 'entertaining'.
Others, however, express sympathy for the 'bored' gorillas - who certainly won't have the option of watching an action film in there.

Hands off! One gorilla bats the other away to give him room to look at the caterpillar

There could even be a more disturbing lesson in what seems to be an innocently entertaining video.
'We are entertained by the gorillas being entertained by a caterpiller, one step up on the evolutionary chain...' wrote one YouTube user.
Another added: 'I wonder whats watching us?'

Wonders of nature: A third primate turns up, eager to get a look at the furry insect - just as we would stare at gorillas in a zoo

source: dailymail