Hollywood's finest show off their top dogs

By Daily Mail Reporter

Affectionate: Sharon Osborne with her Maltese puppy Mini, left, and her Pomeranian, Chicken

It seems no celebrity worth their salt is without a pampered pooch these days.
And when it comes to taking pictures of their beloved pets, Hollywood stars wouldn't dream of using an amateur.

Christopher Ameruoso is the man widely regarded as the premier animal photographer to some of the world's most high-profile celebrities.

During his 13-year career, Ameruoso has snapped almost 500 stars with their dogs, lizards and even baby pigs.

And here, he opens up the pages of his portfolio.

The ex-musician has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Megan Fox, Geri Halliwell and Ozzy Osbourne and recently photographed Cheryl Cole's close friend Derek Hough with his dog.

'It is really tough to have a favourite celebrity from my career because there have been so many, but I always remember something special from each one,' said Brooklyn-born Ameruoso, 45.

Paws for thought: Cheryl Cole's close friend Derek Hough with his poodle Lady Dog-Ga

Cute: Actress Megan Fox and her Vietnamese pot-bellied pig Piggy Smalls

'Pamela Anderson has been there for me in helping the animals and has really stood her ground on what she believes in with animal rights.

'She is a great animal rescue person.

'She will foster dogs and then find them great homes. She just recently went to the Gulf and rescued a few dogs that were abandoned by their owners after they lost their jobs because of the BP oil spill.

'We love to work together. We work quickly and get amazing photos all the time.
'I'm sure I will be working with Pamela for years to come.'

Small but perfectly formed: Lord Of The Rings star Dominic Monaghan and his Leaf Mantis, Gizmo

A woman's best friend: Pamela Anderson and her Labrador, Star

Of course, working with animals does bring its problems, but usually of the more humorous kind.

'When I photographed Slash with his snakes and bearded dragon at one point I had asked him to place the bearded dragon on his famous top hat that he was wearing,' said Ameruoso.

'Soon after the lizard jumped off and went for a run in the streets of Beverly Hills.
'It looked like a mini scene from Jurassic Park. It was classic.

Mini-me: Austin Powers' star Verne Troyer with his bulldog, Banano

Puppy love: Desperate Housewives' actress Nicolette Sheridan and her labrador, Oliver

'Another time, when I was photographing Megan Fox she brought along her entire collection of pets.

"That is she brought her pot-bellied pig, two birds, three dogs and a cat.

'There I was behind my lens with one of the most beautiful women in the world with a cat purring, the dogs barking, birds whistling and the pig squealing and I thought to myself, "Wow, my life is great!"

'It was a surreal moment.'

Because of his fame within the niche of celebrity pet photography, Ameruoso never finds it difficult to find stars willing to pose with their pets.

Pampered: Paris Hilton and her Chihuahua Tinkerbelle

Dog's life: Nicole Richie and her Pomeranian, Foxy, left, and her Shih Tzu, Honey Chili

'They are always fine and usually very keen to do it with their pets,' he said.

'However, I always find that after the first 30 frames the celebrities start to get a bit restless with the shoot, while it is the dogs, cats or lizards who relax the most.

'Ozzy and his bulldog were great, that is such a natural pose.'

Moving to LA from Long Island 22 years ago with his thee brothers, Ameruoso originally wanted to find fame and fortune with the band he and his siblings were in, The Ameruosos.

'When that came to an end I tried my hand at photography,' he said.

'I am totally self-taught in all elements of my photography.

'The pet photography started about 13 years ago.

Happy Days: Henry 'The Fonz' Winkler and spaniel Charlotte

Pearly queen: Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and her Chihuahua

'I would see all these great celebrities walking their dogs and I thought it would be a great idea to put a book out with all this people at home with these pets - completely out of what we are used to seeing them as, on screen, on television.'

Heavily into animal rights, Ameruoso likes to use his photography to promote causes like Pamela Anderson's recent mission to the Gulf region to rescue dogs tossed out by owners who couldn't afford them any longer.

'I have always had a great love for animals,' said Ameruoso.

Tiny treasure: The Piano actor Adrien Brody with Lolly the Chihuahua

Barking mad: Ozzy Osborne and his bulldog, Chewy

'I got that from my grandfather Joe Spinelli. He was always rescuing stray dogs and would nurse them back to health.

'I always admired that in him and that really inspired me to enjoy animals.
'So I try to portray that in my work.'

Feline fine: Jane Seymour and her cat Stachie

Animal lover: Actress Denise Richards with her pack of dogs

Still working every day, Ameruoso completed another photo shoot with Pamela Anderson only last week.

'I love my job and I would have to say that the next person on my list would most definitely have to be Angelina Jolie,' he said.

'She is the next person I want to photograph for sure.'

source: dailymail