The pocket-sized puppy: Britain’s smallest dog Mini born weighing just 1.3oz and is so tiny she can sit on top of an iPhone


Mini was so small she could comfortably fit on a iPhone when she was born, weighing just 1.3 ounces

A little puppy born so small that her owner feared she wouldn’t survive is believed to be Britain’s smallest dog.
Mini, a Yorkshire terrier Chihuahua-cross, weighed no more than an egg and just 1.3ounces at birth – overshadowed by her brothers and sisters who are at least three times her size.
Her owner, Emma Williams, was so worried the cute puppy wouldn’t live for more than a few days that she began a dedicated feeding regime in a desperate bid to raise her weight.

Owner Emma Williams, 29, carefully holds what she believes is Britain's smallest dog. Over the last week she has devotedly feed Mini every two hours

As well as Mini feeding from her mother, Emma gives her a milk formula every two hours through a tube to boost her chances of survival.
Now one week-old, the tiny dog has reached 1.9 ounces, allowing her to rejoin her siblings.
The average weight for a puppy of this type is 4.5 ounces and they can weigh up to 15 pounds when fully grown.
Emma, 29, a senior accounts manager from Sandbanks in Dorset, is planning to sell the litter of seven when she is satisfied that they are all healthy.

The little puppy rest on one of her normal-sized siblings, who is around three times bigger than her

Owner Emma Williams believes little Mini, a Yorkshire terrier Chihuahua-cross, is the smallest dog in Britain

Pictures of Mini being cradled in her owner's hands left, and on top of a food tin, right, shows the delicate size of the little puppy after it was born that weighed no more than an egg

She said: ‘Mini was the second puppy to be born so at first I thought she was a normal size and the other was big and chunky.
‘But as the others came out it became apparent she was so dinky, I couldn’t believe it when I saw just how small she was, the others were at least three times her size.
‘It was a surprise because her parents Bella and Bodie aren’t small for their breed, but then it’s all new to me as I’ve not had a dog that has had puppies before.
‘I took her to the vets and they hadn’t come across a puppy so small, and when I researched online I couldn’t find one either.

Mum Bella picks up the tiniest one of her litter, who was as light as half an apple when she was born

'At first I wasn’t sure if she would make it because she is so small and she kept being pushed out of the way by the others, but she’s a strong little thing.
‘Mini is feeding from her mother but I also give her formula milk every two hours via a little tube, it’s like having a baby.
‘The others now weigh eight ounces and put on about an ounce a day, but Mini is putting on just 0.1 ounces.

In the palm of my hand: The cute little puppy curls up for a nap on her owner's outstretched hand

Just half the size of her brothers and sisters, tiny Mini, third from left, feeds from mum Bella alongside her six siblings

‘I’ve got her up to 1.9 ounces now and she’s doing really well, but I would love to know if she is the smallest dog in Britain.
‘The vet thinks she will only be about 1.5 pounds when she is fully grown.’

source: dailymail