Need a ride? Cat hitches a lift on dog's back in bizarre Russian YouTube video


Faithful friend: The dog in the video clip trots along carrying the grey cat draped over his back

Dogs are widely regarded as man's best friend - but the tiny pooch in this bizarre YouTube video seems to be a pretty good pal to his owner's cat too.
The small black dog can be seen lifting the grey cat - which is virtually the same size - on to his back before carrying it around a corner and all the way into their home.
The determined dog, which appears to be a chihuahua, stops for a few breathers as he carries the creature across his back, but perseveres until he has deposited the feline on the floor inside the house.

Hanging around: The two animals are perched on a ledge at the side of the house together at the start of the video clip - the grey cat is in the foreground with the black dog behind

At the opening of the 48-second clip, which was posted on YouTube by a user in Russia, the pets are perched side by side on a ledge at the side of a house.
The chihuahua jumps down on to the ground, then turns and look back as if waiting for the cat to do the same.
But the cat remains on the ledge, and the dog proceeds to jump back up and then down again in an apparent bid to encourage his feline friend to follow him.

Helping hand: Apparently tired of waiting for his feline friend to catch up as he heads for the inside of the house, the chihuahua scoops the cat up and on to his back

Almost there: The chihuahua rounds the corner with the cat still on his back...

Home sweet home: Before eventually depositing the cat safely on the floor of what is thought to be the animals' owner's home in Russia

The cat seems quite content to be transported piggy-back style as the two animals make their journey into the house, apparently encouraged by their owner from behind the video camera.
YouTube is awash with wacky animal videos, with two rats locked in a staring contest and a huge bear being frightened by a small cat among the many clips users can enjoy.

source: dailymail