We're going to need a bigger shop! Fishmonger catches huge 550lb SHARK off British shores... but needs to cut in half for it to fit on counter


Do you want chips with that? Customers, who normally buy cod and plaice from the fishmongers, have been stunned by the catch

It would take a big set of Jaws to sink your teeth into this catch of the day.
In fact, this fish is so big it could not even fit on a fishmonger's counter - let alone in a packet with chips.
The 20ft-long Thresher shark is so big it had to chopped in half to fit on the counter.
And the 550lb monster fish carries a hefty price tag of £3,000.
The shark was landed by the trawler The John Boy, in Falmouth, Cornwall, which was fishing for mackerel in the English Channel.

Big bite: The huge 550lbs Thresher Shark on sale at Ashton Fishmongers in Cardiff

It was bought by Ashton's Fishmongers in Cardiff market where people were queueing up to have their pictures taken with the Jaws lookalike.
Stall manager Nick Adams, 55, said: 'Our customers can't believe their eyes - normally we sell cod, plaice and sea bass.
'I just wish I had pound for everyone who's taken a photo with the shark.'
'We only get sharks in the summer when they come into British waters because of the warmer weather.
'We're hopeful we'll find a buyer for him, shark is usually very popular with our customers.

Open wide! The shark is described as having a 'meaty taste' - but customers seem more interested in taking its photo

'It's a very meaty kind of fish, you'll need some teeth to get into him, but not as big a set as he's got.'
Thresher sharks are more commonly found off the coast of Asia and North America.
Customer Maria Parkham, 83, said: 'You'd need a hell of a lot of chips to go with that.
'I've never eaten a shark before but there's a first time for everything.'

source: dailymail