Hopefully the smokers have flown, Mum! Blue tit chicks wait for feeding time in their ashtray nest


Snug: The family of blue tits all seem content with their new nest in the ashtray outside the golf clubhouse in Wales

Being born in an ashtray certainly isn't the best start in life for a youngster.
But at least for the six newborn chicks who call the unusual residence home, their next choice of nest is sure to be an upgrade.
The family of blue tits have taken up habitat in the ashtray outside a golf course clubhouse in Denbigh, Wales.
And after discovering that the chicks had hatched, staff say the ongoing mystery of why cigarettes kept ending up on the ground was solved: the birds had been pushing out the butts to make room for their new brood.
Kylie Jones, who works at the bar at Denbigh Golf Club, said: 'We thought something odd was going on when we saw the butts on the floor.

Cosy: The innovative birds are now using the holes in the ash tray to peep outside into the wider world

Mystery: Staff were baffled by the appearance of cigarette butts on the ground but the question was solved after the discovery of the nest

'It went on for about a week and then we realised there was a nest in there.
'We put a sign on the ashtray (and) the next thing we knew there were these little birds looking like bald aliens.'
Despite their humble surroundings, the family of birds seem more than content with their nest.

Safe: Thankfully the happy family of blue tits are well-protected by four warning signs keeping smokers at bay

And the blue tits have even started to use the holes in the ashtray as windows to enjoy the recent good weather.
Despite the potential danger of living in the ashtray, however, the family are also well protected by four signs warning off smokers.
Staff said that the extra signs were needed after visitors thought the first one was a hoax.

source: dailymail