Six swans found decapitated and butchered for their breast meat in city park


Police believe the six swans found decapitated at Alvaston Park in Derbyshire were hunted for their breast meat (file picture)

Six swans have been decapitated and butchered for their breast meat, it was revealed today.
The royally protected birds were found by rangers at Alvaston Park in Derbyshire last week. Police believe they were killed for food.
Patrols are being stepped up to protect other swans which legally belong to the Queen, with offenders caught harming them facing a £5,000 fine or six months jail.

Derbyshire Police said anglers at the lake have also reported people catching, killing and barbecuing carp - a fish not traditionally eaten in Britain and one which is also afforded protected status.
Now the authorities are urging people who use the park to help them catch those responsible by reporting anyone acting suspiciously around the lake.
PC Andy Sudbury, who is leading the investigation, said: 'We believe the swans are being targeted because, unlike ducks, their size means they are easier to grab by the neck.

source :dailymail