Cookie escapes death by a whisker: Cat has pellet lodged in his brain after being blasted with an airgun


How many lives left? Cookie the cat, from Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, who has escaped death by a whisker after he was shot right between the eyes

Cookie the cat is lucky to be alive today after a callous thug shot him right between the eyes and left a pellet lodged deep in his brain.
The nine-month old cat staggered into owner Helen Connelly's home in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, with blood pouring from his nose after the attack.
Ms Connelly, 42, rushed him to the vet, where X-rays revealed an airgun pellet lodged in his skull directly between his eyes.

Inoperable. This X-ray shows the location of the pellet lodged in Cookie's brain. Vets say they cannot remove it without a serious risk of killing him

Tragically, it cannot be removed, vets say, because the invasive surgery could damage Cookie's brain and lead to his death.
Ms Connelly said today: 'It makes me sick. Whoever did this clearly needs some help, Cookie is just a defenceless cat.
'These guns should be banned and the person who has done this should be sent to jail. It is a despicable crime'

'It makes me sick': Owner Helen Connelly cuddles her injured cat. Vets bills have already reached £300 and more treatment is needed

When Cookie came home with his injury, Mr Connelly first thought he had been fighting with another cat.
But on closer inspection she saw the wound was more serious and contacted the emergency vet.
Since the attack last Monday, Cookie has been on a cocktail of painkillers, anti-inflammatories and penicillin, and his vet's bill has so far reached £300.
Ms Connelly said: 'They might not be able to remove the pellet as it could be too near to his brain.
'He is eating okay just now and getting around alright, but he is on a lot of medication.'