Curiosity did not kill the cat but it did cause a four-hour flight delay: Plane grounded after Ripple the cat gets into cockpit


Dash: Ripples the cat caused mayhem on an Air Canada flight when she escaped from her carrier and into the cockpit of the plane

They say curiosity killed the cat.
Fortunately for this naughty feline - who seemed desperate to check out first class - he managed to escape with his life, but caused a four-hour flight delay for dozens of passengers. Ripples the tabby cat escaped from his carrier while on an Air Canada flight from Halifax to Toronto as some passengers were still boarding.

Owner: Debbie Harris said she thinks security did not close the latch on the carrier correctly and that's how the cat escaped

Flight 603 was scheduled to depart at 5.30am but passengers had to get off the flight after the cat ran into first class and into the cockpit before squeezing himself inside some panels at their feet.
It was when the ten-year-old cat was going through security and was put back in its carrier that the oversight is said to have been made.

Delay: The Air Canada flight was due to leave Halifax bound for Toronto at 5.30am but did not end up leaving until 10am

Ripples' owner, Debbie Harris, failed to realize that one of the latches on the carrier was not properly done until it was too late.
When it first escaped into first class, several passengers tried in vain to catch him before the cat ran into the cockpit and under the pilot's feet into the tiny compartment.
Passengers had to leave the plane while maintenance workers came on scene to remove panels, and dissemble part of the cockpit before the cat was retrieved, unharmed.

Caged: Air Canada permits small animals to be taken as hand luggage on all flights but they must be housed in a carrier

Halifax Stanfield International Airport spokesman Peter Spurway said: '(The crew) checked all the wiring where the cat had been to make sure there was no damage and connected properly. 'They then put the panels back on, put the passengers back on the plane, and then they left at about 10am.'
Speaking to CBC News, passenger Kyle Warkentin said: 'It's hilarious, really. It's so random.' He said the cabin crew told them they were looking for an escaped cat and apologized to passengers.
Mr Warkentin said: 'Then the engine turned off and the whole power on the plane turned off, and they said they were doing this to calm the cat.'
Air Canada permits small animals to be taken as hand luggage on all flights expect for those bound for Hawaii.
They must be housed in a carrier, which must fit under the passenger's seat.

source: dailymail