Pick on someone your own size: Fearless praying mantis shows he’s not afraid of playful pup


Punching above its weight: In a catch-weight contest between a bug and a hungry dog, you'd have to think that the insect didn't stand a prayer

This playful pup's bitten off more than he could chew!
The hungry dog took on an insect and was given a right run-around.
In a straight contest, would think that the plucky bug wouldn't have a prayer.
But not when it's a praying mantis who can punch above his weight and just doesn't know when he's licked.

This entertaining bout - captured on camera in Chengdu, Sichuan province, southern China - shows how the mantis's fighting spirit can overcome the inexperienced pup's brute strength.
'The mantis wasn't just holding his own, he was taking the fight to the dog. Several times the dog tried to run off but the mantis blocked his path,' said one observer.

Plucky: The praying mantis just doesn't know when he's licked

Bamboozled: The insect's speed and movement is just too much for the lumbering giant it's up against

In the wild, the mantis is a fearless hunter and will regularly tackle birds, mice and even snakes as prey.
This match ended in a draw - with both sides flat on their backs exhausted from the struggle.
'But if the mantis had been a bit bigger he would have had he pup for breakfast,' said a witness to the struggle.

Squaring up: The pub bears its teeth, but is the bug scared? No

source: dailymail