It's YOGA bear! Meet Mikhail, the grinning grizzly who stretches for five minutes at a time


Yogic Bear: Mikhail is seen here thrusting out each of his legs, one at a time, just like in the yoga boat pose

Meet Mikhail the amazing yoga bear - who wows punters everyday with his incredible stretching performances.

Mikhail was spotted performing the ancient Indian routine - in which participants carry out limbering up exercises - at Kaliningrad Zoo.

Sitting firmly on the ground, the huge grizzly bear thrusts out each of his legs one at a time - just like a 'boat pose' yoga move.

Stretch it out: Mikhail was spotted carrying out his yoga routine at Kaliningrad Zoo, Russia

With a huge grin on his face, Mikhail even takes the time to raise his left paw and wave to his new found fans.

And as the Russian crowd encourages him with food and drink, he carries on the bizarre performance, even reaching out to grab his toes after each leg stretch.

The amazing moves lasted for almost five minutes as the bear lapped up the crowds adoration.

The normally slow and immobile animal is not renowned for its ability to perform the tranquil meditation methods.

Grin and bear it: With a huge smile on his face, Mikhail even takes the time to raise his left paw and wave to his new found fans

But Mikhail has developed a reputation as an entertainer following his performances.

Bemused pensioner Vitaly Arkhipov, who caught the stunning moment as he visited the zoo with his wife, said: 'This bear is a great actor.

He added: 'For some refreshments from Zoo visitors he does many interesting things.
He likes to make different poses and he often bows or waves at the crowds.

'But this yoga session was completely unreal - especially considering he has had no training and has never been part of a circus.

source: dailymail