Larry the Downing Street cat feels the long boot of the law after giving armed policeman the run around


Larry is ready to enter but as the famous black door opens he pauses for too long so gets a helping boot from behind by the impatient police officer

Larry the Downing Street cat has literally felt the long boot of the law after dithering over whether to enter his famous home.

The armed police officer that traditionally guards No. 10 nudged him through the door with his foot after he was given the run around by the Prime Minister's four-year-old tabby this morning.

Stuttering Larry was brought to Downing Street to catch rodents but shot to fame because despite winning the affections of David and Samantha Cameron he did not to catch a single mouse or rat in two months.

This time the pondering cat failed to decide whether he would like to go indoors or not.

Where do you think you're going? Larry feels the long arm of the law from one of No. 10's armed police officers after giving him the run around

The gathered press pack watched on as the policeman had to chase the cheeky cat around outside the house before picking him up and placing him outside the famous black door so he could enter.

But as it opened Larry paused for too long so was nudged on his way in case he changed his mind again.

According to David Cameron, when they got Larry from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home the cat had been ‘highly recommended’ to him and had a ‘very strong predatory drive and high chase-drive and hunting instinct’, developed during his time on the streets.
But it obviously this doesn't extend to getting through doors.

source: dailymail