Hoo are you looking at? Owl poses for the cameras

By Katherine Faulkner

What a hoot! This short-eared owl plays up for the photographer

They are wary of humans and seldom seen up close. But it seems that for this short-eared owl, the opportunity to pose for the camera was too good to miss.

This image was captured by wildlife photographer Mark Trabue, who said: 'They usually stay quite far away from human contact but this one flew right up to me. It was almost like he was showing off.

'He looked straight down the lens and almost seemed to smile.'

Mr Trabue added: 'It's one of those uncanny things that will probably never happen to me ever again.'

The picture was taken in Indiana in the U.S., but bird lovers in Britain can sometimes catch a glimpse of the owls on coastal wetlands as they migrate from Scandinavia, Russia and Iceland in the winter months.

High-flier: The owl glides through the air in the skies over Indiana

On the prowl: Despite usually shunning human contact, this owl flew right up to the photographer

source: dailymail