We've had a tough week! Exhausted pandas rest after their enormous lunch

By Mail Foreign Service

Hungry work: Four of the ten pandas at Shanghai Zoo munch on bamboo

Feeding time at the zoo is proving a rather messy affair for this pen of giant pandas in China.

After cramming as much bamboo into their mouths as possible, the black-and-white bears were then seen slumped on a specially-made climbing frame, seemingly exhausted by their efforts.

The ten Sichuan pandas were pictured enjoying their meal during their last weekend in a Shanghai Zoo before they are transferred to a nearby Safari Park.

Tired-out: Two of the pandas slump on a specially-made climbing frame, exhausted after their huge meal

The giant bears were transferred to the host city of the 2010 World Expo in January, and are set to remain there for a year-long display.

The pandas, who are each around two-years-old, were born in the Ya’an Bifeng Gorge Breeding Base of Sichuan, following the deadly Wenchuan earthquake in May, 2008.

They were brought to Sichuan to reflect China’s efforts to protect the species, which are endangered due to a shrinking habitat.

There are about 1,600 giant pandas living in China's wild, mostly in Sichuan and the northwestern provinces of Shaanxi and Gansu.

Bamboo frenzy: The cubs, which are approaching two years of age frolic in their lunch

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