Shivering Simba: German Shepherd goes to grooming salon for a wash and brush up and emerges with his coat shaved off


Shaved off: Snieguole Ghuman with her depressed dog Simba after a traumatic visit to the grooming Salon

An animal lover was left horrified when she picked her dog up from a grooming salon to find that staff had shaved off all of its fur.
Snieguole Ghuman, 50, only dropped off her German Shepherd Simba at the canine beauty parlour for a wash and brush to remove some matted fur.
But when she returned she expected to see her beloved pet’s white coat looking fluffy and groomed, but was shocked when she found him almost completely bald, which has left Simba 'depressed'.

Happier days: Simba and his flowing fur before it became so matted the groomer cut it all off

Simba is now only walked at night because people laugh and sneer when they see him, her owner says.
Staff at the salon had shaved off all the hair from the dog’s body leaving just his head covered in the inch thick fur.
When she asked the staff what had happened, she was told they had no choice and had acted on advice from the RSPCA.

Furious: Georgia Barnett (19) outside her pet grooming salon in Bournemouth, Dorset, says she followed RSPCA advice and clipped Mrs Ghuman's dog

Sad: Mrs Ghuman says Simba has become shy and depressed following the incident

Gemma Barnett, owner of the Starz Grooming Salon in Bournemouth, Dorset,explained that Simba had been so matted she had no choice but to call them, and shave it all off.
Snieguole, who is also from Bournemouth, says she has now been forced to stop walking Simba during the day due to pointing and staring from members of the public.

Shocked: Simba is now only walked at night because people who seem him laugh, her owner says

Snieguole’s daughter, Brigita Pritchett, 28, said: 'My mum had taken him in two weeks previously and asked for a wash and brush to sort his coat out.
'He can get very matted as his fur is so thick and he loves going in the sea and mud which can make it like it.
'Then the next thing she knew was there was an RSPCA officer knocking on her door and the salon owner had reported her.
'My mum arranged to bring him back there and get it sorted, but when she went to pick him up all his fur had completely gone.

source: dailymail