Emaciated dog went 'weeks' without eating because of a rusted coffee can stuck round its neck


Pitiful: The starving dog may not have eaten for weeks, say rescuers

An abused dog has been found wandering the streets in Dallas with a coffee can around its neck.
The bottom and the top circular portions of the coffee can had been removed and the remaining tube had been placed over the head and around the neck of the starving dog.
When a Good Samaritan found the emaciated dog, it became clear that the coffee can had been on it’s neck for a sizeable amount of time because her skin had grown around the edges of the can.

Cruel: The dog was unable to eat because the edges of the can gouged into her neck

Care: The can is painstakingly cut away from Java's neck by Animal Allies of Texas

‘Her body had tried to grow over the can,’ a spokesman from the Animal Allies of Texas told the Dallas News.
Rescuers jokingly nicknamed the dog Java, and took it to Dallas Animal Services along with another stray dog named Joshua.

Raw: Java's skin was severely lacerated by the rusty, jagged edges of the can

Every one of severely emaciated Java' ribs was visible, as the edges of the can cut into the dog’s neck, preventing her from eating for days or weeks.
One of the worse injuries was to one of Java’s ears, which was nearly severed by the sharp edge of the rusting can.

Bloodied: The coffee can after removal from Java's head. The dog is now recovering from its ordeal

After the veterinarians cut the can off Java’s neck, the dog was taken to Metro Paws Animal Hospital.
‘The next few days are critical,’ a Metro Paws representative posted on their Facebook page, where they posted pictures of the injured dog.
‘We have to get her stable enough for surgery and watch out for organ failure due to her starved condition. But that tail is wagging.’

source: dailymail