Sucker punch: Incredible footage of octopus fighting for its life after ending up on the menu for a hungry sea lion


Suppertime: The mother sea lion spots a lone octopus and immediately heads in for the kill

This hungry sea lion got a little more than it bargained for when it decided to snap up a tasty looking octopus for its tea.
The incredible footage, the likes of which has never been seen before, was captured using a camera attached to the sea lion's back.
The mother sea lion spots the lone octopus swimming and immediately attacks, biting onto a tentacle and pulling it towards the surface.

Round one: The camera attached to the sea lion's back shows her taking a bite out of the octopus before pulling it towards the surface

But the octopus wasn't going to give up that easily and hits back by blasting a cloud of ink into its attacker's face forcing it to let go.
The sea lion is forced to switch tactics and make a series of fast attacks ripping off one of the octopus's eight legs every time it swims past, literally tearing it limb from limb.
Eventually the brave octopus is left utterly helpless and the sea lion finishes off its prey before hauling itself up onto the land for a nap.
The stunning footage was captured off the Australian coast by a team for National Geographic channel.

More than you can chew: The octopus isn't giving up so easily and wriggles free from its attacker's grasp

Take that: As the sea lion dives after its prey the octopus blasts a cloud of ink forcing her to break off the attack

Change of tactics: The sea lion makes a series of fast attacks grabbing hold of each of the octopus's tentacles literally ripping it limb from limb

source: dailymail