Nellie, the truffle hunting hound of Suffolk: Family pet sniffs out valuable delicacy in owner's back garden


Good nose: Nellie has been finding truffles for the past six years - uncovering 500 grams of the fungi this year alone

When Nellie the English bull terrier kept digging up the back garden, her owners were not best pleased.
But it turned out Nellie wasn't just enjoying a little wanton destruction – she was busy discovering a gold mine.
Janey Auchincloss, 48, and her husband John Perkins, 53, were astonished to find their dog had unearthed a stash of valuable black autumn truffles.

Good girl! English Bull Terrier Nellie with the truffles she has found

The couple, who run a B&B in Lavenham, Suffolk, now sell the truffles at local markets or trade them with nearby businesses.
They are worth £1 a gram, and the couple say Nellie has uncovered at least £1,000-worth each season for the past two years.
Her discovery is all the more remarkable as experts claim it is extremely rare to find truffles in that part of the country.

Wonder dog: Nellie poses with her owners Janey Auchincloss and John Perkins, from Lavenham, Suffolk

Miss Auchincloss, a mother of two who works as a garden designer, said: 'We could not believe it when she turned up with a truffle in her mouth.
'At first we were a bit annoyed that she kept digging up the garden. We could not work out why she was doing it.
'But we soon realised she was using her powerful nose to seek out truffles – they are the last thing you would expect to find in a Suffolk garden.

Truffles found by Nellie: They are worth £1 a gram, and the couple say Nellie has uncovered at least £1,000-worth each season for the past two years

'I had not realised you even get them in England, I thought they are just usually found in France and Italy. At first we thought she would just get one or two, which is rare enough, but then she just kept finding them one after the other.
'We have to be very careful – she absolutely loves them so we take a bone with us and use it to pry her away from them.'

source: dailymail