Talk about a double-header! Amazing photograph shows peculiar pelican with TWO HEADS in flight

Twice the fun: This image captured by a Ukrainian photographer in the Danube Delta appears to have captured a two-headed pelican flying over the river

Two heads are always better than one, the saying goes, although one feathered fowl may disagree.
A pelican that appears to have two heads was captured in flight over the Danube River by a lucky Ukrainian photographer earlier this month.
The image was taken by Vladimir Kucherenko in the Danube Delta, Europe's largest and best preserved delta which is a host to 300 species of birds.

Kucherenko, 57, said he was on a photography expedition to the scenic area when he came across the odd bird soaring in the sky.
However, it was not until Kucherenko returned to his home in Odessa that he noticed the bizarre juxtaposition of the two heads on the bird.
This is not the first time this phenomenon has been seen among the winged representatives of the animal kingdom.

source: dailymail