Meet Freddie, the elk who thinks he's a dog: Friendly animal loves to play with other pets after being adopted by kind-hearted owner


The dog and the elk: Freddie enjoys the company of his furry friend

Freddie the elk enjoys palling around with his furry friends, jumping in his owner's car for a quick ride and living indoors - seemingly unaware he is a completely different species to your average pet.
Freddie was rescued when he was a calf and has been so incorporated into the domestic live of his caretaker, he lives as though he were a pet dog at his owner's home at the Gauja National Park in Vidzeme, Latvia.
He was born as a set of triplets and after being abandoned by his mother, was found by Velga Vitola, a caretaker at the national park in eastern Europe.

Species confusion: Freddie doesn't seem to realize that his fellow elk roam the forest instead of living indoors

Freddie and the cat: The domesticated elk even gets along with the house feline

She gave him milk as he struggled to survive and raised him alongside her pet dog.
Ms Vitola is known for her kind heart and has often rescued animals she encounters.
Called 'the mother of all animals,' she has also raised two bears in her home, and actually had two cubs sleep alongside her in bed.

Rescued at birth: Freddie was born as a set of triplets and was abandoned by his mother

Adopted: Velga Vitola found the young calf and raised him as her own

source: dailymail