Stuck in squirr-hell: Rodent left feeling drained after getting its head lodged in a man-hole cover


A squirrel stuck in a manhole cover on a street in Isernhagen, Germany. The squirrel had to be rescued by the police and recovered

This little squirrel bit off more than he could chew.
Stuck fast in a storm drain in a small town in Germany, the critter looked like he'd become road kill when his body refused to follow his head through the hole.
Police in the town of Isernhagen were called out by a worried motorist who phoned in to report the stuck-up rodent after he narrowly avoided running over him.
Police tried to free him by pulling, but without success.
Then one of them prised up the drain cover and pushed while his colleague pulled, but again without a result.

Finally a housewife came out with a bottle of olive oil and the officers smeared it around the squirrel's neck and body. After another 15 minutes of tugging he was freed.
'We wanted to take him to a vet's for a check-up,' said one of the officers. 'But he was having none of it. He legged it straight away into a garden and up a tree, which is where he belongs I suppose.'

source: dailymail