Duck a l'orange? No, it's chicken a la pink, green or yellow and it's the latest craze in pets across Indonesia


Neon from bill to feet: These chicks are sprayed with permanent paint, and sell for 33 pence each

In every highlighter hue you can name, these two-day-old chicks are going cheep at a market near you.
That's provided you live in Indonesia, where day-glo chickens are the very latest craze.
Pictured at a street market in the capital, Jakarta, the rainbow-coloured balls of fluff are shown in bright green, orange, pink and yellow.

Are they supposed to be THIS yellow...? A two-day old chick perches on a buyer's hand

Dyed with permanent spray paint, they sell for 33 pence each.
While the trend may seem cruel to some, local photographer Himawan Paramayuda explained that chickens occupy an important role in the South East Asian country.
Many families in Indonesia have an income below one U.S. dollar per day, and keep chickens at home for their eggs and meat.

New craze: Chicks, dyed with bright colours to attract buyers, are seen at a market in Jakarta, Indonesia

source: dailymail