Motherly love: Doting giraffe helps her newborn calf take its wobbly first steps


Motherly love: A doting giraffe gave her newborn calf a gentle nudge with her nose as it took to its feet for its wobbly first steps

A baby's first steps is a precious moment for any new parents.
And it was no different for this pair of doting giraffes who watched their newborn calf take its first wobbly steps
Its proud mother gave her youngster a gentle nudge with her nose as it took to its feet for its wobbly first steps - just two hours after being born.

Tiny delight: The newborn stumbles to its feet with it's mother and another helpful giraffe

Visitors watched with delight as mother Isabella gave birth in just four hours and then helped her newborn to walk at Marwell Wildlife, near Winchester, Hampshire.
The healthy calf - who sex is yet to be identified - bonded with its mother instantly, following the labour.
John Pullen, curator of mammals at Marwell Wildlife, said: 'This is Isabella's third birth. It went extremely well and Isabella took it all in her stride.
'The public were allowed to watch the birth along with keepers and other members of staff.

Baby's first steps: The dainty newborn totters alongside its mother and another giraffe, who tower above it

'As soon as the calf was born we closed their house to let baby and mum bond. Isabella is really well and very protective of her newborn.
'Baby is strong and tall, was standing an hour later and walking an hour or so after that.'
Keepers cannot confirm whether the calf is a boy or a girl but a closer examination will take place in the next few days.

Pleased to meet you! The baby was walking within two hours of being born, much to the delight of visitors to the wildlife park

The youngster will begin to eat solids after approximately one month and will be fully weaned within a year.
All of the giraffes at Marwell Wildlife are on public view.
They can be seen at the park's 'Into Africa' or in 'The Valley' field along with zebra, ostrich and waterbuck.

Adorable: The as yet unnamed calf will have its sex identified within the next few days

The bull giraffe can be expected to reach 6 metres (18 feet) in height.
Giraffes have specially developed physiological adaptations to allow an even flow of blood to the brain when the neck is suddenly lowered or raised.
And their long tongues, which can grow to 45cm in length, are used to pull leaves, shoots, bark and flowers off branches.

source: dailymail