Hysterical video shows Buttermilk the adorable leapfrogging goat showing off her talents (but just don't tell that to her friend she keeps knocking


Great leap forward: Buttermilk the goat seen jumping over one of its companions on Took A Leap Farm in Houlton, Maine

If you have a little too much energy that you need to let out, you go for a jog or play a game of basketball, but what is an adrenaline-filled goat to do?
In the case of Buttermilk Sky, a Nigerian pygmy goat from a farm in Maine, it means leapfrogging over her barnyard buddies in a charming video that has captured the hearts of web users the world over.
The footage, shot on Took A Leap Farm in Houlton, Maine, has so far attracted more than one million views since it was posted on July 27.

Boundless energy: The video posted on July 27 captures the brown-and-white female kid bouncing around the yard and hopping over its goat pals

And who can resist the sight of the miniature five-week-old kid goat cavorting in the grass and leaping in the air like a tiny four-legged Olympian?
But the frolicsome critter also reveals a mischievous side as it appears to deliberately jump over and knock its goat mates to the ground with its hoofs.
According to the farm's blog, Buttermilk's owners vowed to donate $25 to the non-profit rescue and education organization called Farm Sanctuary if the video received 1,000 views. It now looks like they will have no problem making good on their promise.

All kidding aside: The footage of Buttermilk leapfrogging over her more placid mates has received more than a million views

A co-owner of the goat farm who identified herself as Katheryn wrote on her site that she was stunned to discover that the unassuming video showcasing Buttermilk’s antics has taken the Internet by storm.

source: dailymail