Shocking pictures show cruel treatment of monkeys forced to wear masks and ride tiny bicycles to earn money for their captors


A captive monkey dressed in a tiny t-shirt and pair of trousers holds a begging bowl on the streets of Jakarta

Cruel pictures have emerged of monkeys in red costumes and masks being forced by their owners to perform on the streets for money.
Images captured on the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia, show the creatures holding begging bowls, dressed in blue sports shorts and even clad in clown masks.
The heart-meltingly cute macaques have been forced to ride mini bicycles, sit on tiny stools and even play dead to entertain crowds.
The monkeys are part of a show called Topeng Monyet (Monkey's Mask), in the Indonesian capital.

A chain is visible around the neck of the cute macaque monkey in this picture, which shows the once wild creature being made to ride a bicycle to entertain passersby

Some locals in Jakarta believe the practices captured in these images are part of their traditional culture, but the Jakarta Animal Aid Network said the monkeys are being cruelly exploited for 'small change'

Some locals insist this is part of their traditional culture, whereas others acknowledge the cruelty being inflicted on the captive macaques.
The website for the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (Jaan), a charity that feeds rescued performing monkeys, explains how these once-wild creatures end up suffering in this way.
'Poverty drives the handlers to exploit the monkeys in the hope of earning small change,' it says.
'From the forest they are captured and taken to 'monkey village', where the animals are trained to take part in street performances.

Handlers train the monkeys to play dead for audiences on Jakarta's streets

'The street performances usually involve the monkeys wearing masks, such as dolls' heads, and other attire to mimic humans.
'The monkeys have been trained to act out activities such as shopping, riding bicycles, or other simulations of human behaviour.
'But the cruelty to the monkeys is a cause that charities such as the Jakarta Animal Aid Network are increasingly taking up.'

Children pet one of the captive monkeys forced to perform as part of the Monkey's Mask show

The Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) charity is working to help put an end to the illegal wildlife trade in Indonesia

source: dailymail