Bird-brained dog sparks coastguard rescue after plunging off cliff edge while chasing low-flying gulls


In safe hands: Burnham-On-Sea Coastguard's Cliff Rescue Team pluck border collie Charlie to safety

This is the moment a coastguard rescued a stricken dog - after he tumbled off a steep cliff while chasing birds.
Border Collie Charlie became stranded on rocks at the bottom of Brean Down Fort, in Somerset, after careering over the edge.
His desperate owners called 999 for help and nearby coastguards rushed to the scene - scrambling down the steep cliff-face to reach the animal.

Out of peril: The playful collie plunged over a cliff edge and became stranded on rocks while chasing birds

Owner Kim Biberger, from Wells, Somerset, said: 'Charlie ran over the cliff edge while chasing after some low-flying birds.
'It was a heart-stopping moment when we saw him disappear and then to look over the edge and see he was clinging onto the rocks at the bottom of the cliffs just above the sea water.
'There was no way of safely reaching him so we called 999 and asked for the Coastguard.'
Burnham Coastguard cliff climber Dave Welland was lowered down the rockface - using ropes to reach the animal and take him back up to the relieved owners.

Happy ending: A unit from Burnham-On-Sea Coastguard's Cliff Rescue scramble to Brean Down to save the day

Ready to go: Rescuers abseiled down the perilously slippery cliff to reach the stricken dog at a notorious beauty spot on Brean Down, Somerset

Remarkably the lucky pooch survived the fall, at 4pm on Sunday, without any serious injuries.
Kim said: 'Charlie seemed to be very happy to have been rescued and we are so extremely grateful to the Coastguards for reaching him.
'He is very much part of the family and we are relieved he was not hurt.'
Steve Bird, Burnham Coastguard Station Officer, said: 'This is a notorious spot on Brean Down where several dogs have died over the years.
'The owners could have put themselves in a great deal of danger if they'd tried to reach Charlie, so we were happy to help and glad to see a very positive ending.'

Back on safe ground: These were the heart-warming scenes after Charlie was rescued from rocks at Brean Down Fort

On a tight leach: Relieved owners Kim and Gary Biberger keep a tight hold on Charlie after being reunited with him near the scene of the rescue drama

source: dailymail