Rolling in the deep: Cape buffalo gets down and dirty by giving itself a mud-pack


Rolling in the deep: The Cape buffalo rolls around in the mud which helps regulate body temper and is nature's answer to a face pack

A mineral rich mud-pack can help remove the slightest of impurities so it's no surprise to see this buffalo making the most of what Mother Nature has to offer.
Annoyed with parasites and the heat of the African sun, the Cape buffalo ended up rolling over, legs in the air, just to ensure he was fully covered.
The cooling effect of the mud helps to regulate the animal's temperature and soothe its skin. Once the mud dries and falls off, it takes with it any irritating ticks or insects.
The animal was pictured by British photographers Ann and Steve Toon who were visiting the Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape area of South Africa.

The Cape buffalo is a member of the Big Five and is regarded as the most dangerous of all the species

Ann, 53, who lives in Northumberland National Park, said: 'The buffalo was enjoying a mud bath at one of the reserve's waterholes.
'It spent quite a while rolling around by the edge of the water - getting right down into the cooling mud and making sure it got a good covering, rather like a mud-pack.
'When the mud dries later it falls off taking with it any annoying and irritating parasites or ticks so it's a bit like a conditioning treatment that helps keep the buffalo healthy.'

The mud dries off after a couple of hours taking with it some of the annoying parasites that sit on the buffalo's skin

Steve, 49, added: 'It's hard to resist taking pictures of an obviously comical situation. It looks just as though the buffalo is really enjoying getting down and dirty in the mud.'
Cape buffalos are members of the Big Five and are considered the most dangerous of the species.

Let the rolling begin: The animal starts the process of rolling around in the mud

source: dailymail