Infamous five: A dog, a cat, and three micro-pigs form an unusual friendship in one UK home

By Daily Mail Reporter

Go on, give us a cuddle: Daisy the dog nuzzles up on the couch to micro pig Nimrod

In a friendship that would make animation film producers sit up and take notice, a cat, a dog and three micro-pigs have formed a firm bond for real in one UK home.

Micro-pigs Pip-squeak, Serge and Manuka share their home with Daisy the dog, and house cat Hector - the quintet eat, sleep and play together.

Animal lover Jane Croft, the owner of the adorable gang in Christchurch, Cambridgeshire, says her little companions have loads of fun together. On occasion, their numbers are boosted by Jane allowing a couple of her other charges to roam in her home.

Milking it: Hector the house cat and micro pig Manuka (tan colour) allow, from left, Nimrod, Serge and Frenchie a slurp of liquid refreshment

'They can't stop playing with each other,' said 42-year-old Jane who breeds and sells micro pigs at Little Pig Farm. 'They may be a handful at times but when it comes to feeding its like a well oiled machine... or maybe a military operation.'

Costing between £550 and £1200, micro pigs are so small they can even fit inside a jacket and love cuddling up inside to keep warm, Jane says.

OK, so where do I sleep? Daisy the dog makes room for (standing) Chinook and (from left) Nimrod, Frenchie, Biscuit and Serge

Fancy a walk? Manuka the micro pig and Hector use the cat flap to get out in the sunshine

Contrary to the popular myth about pigs, the intelligent animals like to keep exceptionally clean and love company.

'We have over 90 pigs here at the farm but Pip-squeak, Serge and Manuka are my own pets,' said Jane.

'They are such a great pet to have around. they are really very loving. They come over for a cuddle regularly. And the breed is very intelligent. You can watch them work out simple tasks around the house.'

They make such good pets their popularity is booming worldwide - even Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley, visited Jane's farm to buy two micro-pigs for his sisters.

Originally stemming from Vietnamese pot bellied pigs, micro-pigs, also known as miniature pigs and teacup pigs, have been selectively bred for their small sizes.

source: dailymail