Caught on video: Massive bear's fright as it is startled and chased off - by a CAT


Minding my own business: The black bear appears to be on an afternoon jaunt in the short clip posted to YouTube

Does a bear panic in the woods? This one sure did - all at the sight of a small cat.
The American black bear appears to be minding its own business as it wanders around some grassland before pausing to sniff at a bush.
The black and white feline showed the bear who the fraidy cat really is when it suddenly jumped out the bush, terrifying the bear.

Curious: The bear's troubles begin as he pauses to sniff at a bush in the area

The kitty may have nine lives, but it didn’t have to use any of them against the cowardly bear, which quickly scampered away.
But the cat was not finished with the bear yet, as it asserts its dominance by chasing the beast until both animals are out of the shot.

Scaredy bear: The cat suddenly lunges out of the bush and gives the bear quite a fright

Black bears, which range between 175 and 650 pounds, are among the least aggressive among bear species in the wild.
They are also the most common, with about 500,000 believed to inhabit North America, according to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park.
The video was posted on YouTube in May by Petsami - an online animal entertainment network formed earlier this year by the creators of the TV programme America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Startled: The bear scampers off as the cat jumped out of the bush with ninja-like dexterity

Final humiliation: Though the bear ran away in fear, the cat decided to assert its dominance by chasing the bear

source: dailymail